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Nissan was born out of competitiveness. American car manufacturers managed to nearly establish a monopoly in the Japanese market throughout the early 20th century, while Japan was waiting for its first brand to emerge. Yoshisuke Aikawa was the man who mastered the art of manufacturing and decided to implement everything he learned throughout his stay in the United States into a Japanese designed automobile. His success was not only crucial for his own company, but for the whole Japanese automobile industry.

Nissan Models

A Triumvirate

Investors were very interested in this new project and three wealthy and successful businessmen decided to take part in the creation of the first Japanese car. Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama, and Aketaro Takeuchi did not only invest money, but their combined initials (DAT) also provided part of the name of the first Japanese-produced car. Shortly after the first model was released, the company decided to invest in manufacturing trucks, as the consumer market for passenger cars was relatively small. The first trucks the company produced combined American parts with outstanding Japanese engineering.

Market Breakthrough

A couple of decades later, Nissan had already firmly established itself as a giant within the Japanese market, but the company wanted to present their superior engineering to the world. Once Nissan gained a foothold in both Europe and U.S, there were very few companies able to compete with the level of inventiveness Nissan was able to deliver. To western customers, Nissan brought high-grade engineering, appealing design and hi-tech features at affordable and competitive prices. Nissan also managed to cover every single category of car manufacturer, targeting various consumer groups.

A Gigantic All-Rounder

Nissan managed to produce different types of vehicles while maintaining superb quality across the board. Daily drivers like the Altima. The incredibly durable and powerful work-horse in the form of the Titan pickup truck. The utility packed superstar crossover like the Rogue or the affordable yet extremely fast Nissan Z - they all embody the spirit of finest craftsmanship Japan has to offer. Along with sporty and modern looks, Nissan also brought very comfortable interiors to its customers, paired with numerous hi-tech utilities. Whether you are planning to hit a race-track with your GT-R, or you feel like sneaking around in your super-silent Leaf, Nissan will make it easier.

When Tradition Met Technology

As mentioned above, Nissan was the first success and demonstration of Japanese industrial might. But at the same time, the company did not find comfort in being a pioneer of the Japanese automobile industry. It took careful and well-calculated steps before going international. Nissan proved to its customers that no matter what the task is, they are up to it. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship paired with modern technology managed to produce sports cars, trucks, hybrid vehicles, and even aircraft engines. Simply put, having a rich company history while keeping up with the future has proven to be beneficial for Nissan’s ever-growing customer base.

Ever Growing Popularity In Canada

Although Nissan is already a name long known to everyone in Canada, it seems that Canadian customers can’t get enough of the company’s reliability and driver-friendly approach. Proof of that came in November of 2018 when the company managed to set a record in sales. Nissan Rogue was at the vanguard, followed by another crossover –the Nissan Qashqai The company kept delivering on inventiveness, as well as fair and competitive pricing, and customers simply kept recognizing that. Simply put, Nissan is a veteran on the Canadian market and the future looks bright for both this remarkable car manufacturer and its Canadian buyers.