370Z: Torque-rich and Dlexible V-6, Ready-to-pounce Looks

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Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is a car that promises wind in your hair and butterflies in your stomach. This sleek vehicle combines a powerful engine with a lightweight design, which always equals tons of fun.

When you hear someone mentioning Nissan automobiles, chances are the first thing you think about is the legendary Skyline series from Nissan. A model of this manufacturer that has achieved an identical status is the Nissan 370Z. On this particular occasion, we will delve deeper into the 370Z and review what makes it such a fun and smart investment.

An In-Depth Look Into A Living Legend

This car has already reached an iconic status thanks to countless features in filmography and pop-culture. That status is not without reason; the 370Z is a vehicle that offers a ton of value for your money, since later models come with several year-long warranty options that guarantee you won’t have to pay a cent more for maintenance than necessary. The 370Z’s name reveals that it is powered by a 3.7-litre DOHC 24-valve aluminum alloy V6 engine, which puts out 332 horsepower at 7000 rpm. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual transmission, a SyncroRev Match 6-speed manual and a 7-speed automatic transmission. Each transmission option produces 270 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 rpm. More than enough power to satisfy your desire for speed.

Entertainment Options

Vehicles without entertainment options are becoming less common than previous designs. No need to worry, as the 370Z comes equipped with a Bose Audio System with AM/FM/CD and 8 speakers complete with 2 subwoofers. You’ll also receive a USB connection port for Smartphone interface and other compatible devices, speed-sensitive volume control, streaming audio via Bluetooth wireless technology and illuminated steering wheel-mounted audio controls. In other words, you get all the modern bells and whistles in your new Nissan 370Z.

Fuel Economy and the Final Verdict

Some might expect this car to guzzle up fuel as a result of the powerhouse it hides under the hood. That is not the case, as manual transmission models only use 13.6 L/100km in city conditions, and 9.7 L/100km on the highway. Automatic transmission models, use 13.0 L/100km in the city, and 9.7 L/100km on the highway. Given that the capacity of the 370Z’s fuel tank is 71.9 litres, you’ll have to drive quite a distance before stopping to refuel.

The Nissan 370Z is a sports car that packs a punch and comes with tons of fun features that more than justify its legendary status. If you are on the lookout for a car that you can use as both your daily driver and your weekend getaway vehicle, look no further than the 370Z.