Juke: Subcompact Crossover, 5 passenger, 4 door hatchback

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Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is a car that some dislike because of its quirky design; others have fallen in love with it from the first time they laid eyes on it. In any case, the Juke turns heads.

When it comes to vehicles in the compact/crossover category, certainly one of the most unusual and quirky cars is the Nissan Juke. It was introduced to the Canadian market in 2010 after Nissan took note of Canadian shoppers’ desires for a capable, flexible and small car that was ready for any weather, easy on fuel and fun to drive. Read on to learn more about this peculiar four-wheeler.

Unusual Power For An Unusual Car

You’ll find that most Juke models are equipped with a direct-injected, turbocharged 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, which means you’ll be at the receiving end of around 180 horsepower. If you opt for one of several NISMO models available, you’ll have more horsepower (NISMO RS Jukes go as high as 215 horsepower). Transmission options include a choice between a six-speed manual and Nissan’s XTronic continuously variable transmission (CVT). Depending on your transmission selection, you can go with either front-wheel drive or a sports-tuned AWD system that also offers torque vectoring. All of this means your Juke will have more than enough horsepower in both urban and off-road conditions.

What It Feels Like On The Road

The feisty and compact Juke is remarkably fun-to-drive, with great handling and ample torque. This translates into plenty of entertainment on the road that complements the “out-there” design. Feature content has always been a plus when it comes to Nissan vehicles, and a surprising upside of the CVT transmission is the fast-acting manual shift mode. The Juke also offers plenty of higher-than-average customization options, which has caused many shoppers to gravitate towards it.

Does The Quirky Design Mean A Compromise In Comfort?

You’d probably expect so, but that’s not really the case. The Juke gives you a commanding view of the road not common in cars of a similar size, thanks to a high driving position. The relatively small exterior dimensions don’t mean you’re left feeling cramped on the inside. The front seats are ideal despite the Juke’s size. An adjustable drivers seat brings a comfortable feel while offering adequate knee and headroom. The back seats are engineered to provide legroom for any passengers you may have . The modern and stylish upholstery, combines seamlessly with the plastics across the console and dashboard, creating a smart design that’s appealing to the eye.

Can You Rely On Your Juke?

The Nissan Juke was envisioned as a performance-oriented, sporty compact crossover that feels more eager than your average small car. The quirky exterior design will typically be a love-or-hate relationship with most. While some may opt for a more traditional vehicle, those looking to show off their personality on the road, will instantly love the Juke. It cannot be denied that Nissan ventured out into uncharted waters when designing the futuristic looking Juke, . Overall, the Juke offers Nissan’s famous reliability and usability with the added feature of turning heads wherever you take it.