Nissan Kicks: Fun and Comfortable Ride

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Are you torn between a compact hatchback or an SUV? The Nissan Kicks offers you the best of both worlds. Stylish, compact and budget priced, this Nissan has a high riding appearance of an SUV with the compact interior of a hatchback. Its fun perky appearance and affordable price tag make it the perfect option for a student or starter vehicle.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Interior and Exterior

Inside the Nissan Kicks you will find that although there is enough room for four adults to sit comfortably, the interior is rather narrow. The cloth seats come in either a soft material with a bold quilted pattern or a synthetic leather finish. Compared to the flashy exterior of the car, the inside is quite plain. To make up for this, Nissan has a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system which is compatible with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. A blind spot monitor and automatic climate control are also on Nissan’s techno list and is a firm favourite with any tech-savvy driver.

Don’t be intimidated by its high-riding appearance; the seating is only marginally higher than a standard car’s seating position.

The Nissan Kicks come in a variety of five bright, two-toned colours and a standard glossy black roof. A bulky grille lends to the SUV appearance and angular taillights jut into the tailgate to give the Nissan its unique shape. Unpainted fender flares are positioned over the wheels, and a pointed kick-up above the rear window gives the effect of a floating window. The Nissan looks, for all intents and purposes like an SUV from the outside but, the seating position is not much higher than a standard car. The Nissan is not available in all-wheel-drive, like its SUV counterparts and even though it looks like an SUV, it does not perform like one on rough terrain.

How Does It Perform?

This is the area where the SUV side of the Nissan Kicks comes to a halt. Although it performs well enough on the road, it lacks the power and stamina of its SUV counterpart. However, do not underestimate the Nissan Kicks zippiness, when driving around town or navigating through traffic. The steering is light and the narrow tires provide a quick feel on the road. Automatic emergency braking and power features work together to provide a safer driving experience. So even though it lacks the power and speed of a proper SUV with all-wheel drive, it is more fuel efficient through dense traffic and tight parking spaces than a full SUV. Considering that the target market seems to be a younger crowd, a little less power and speed are for the best in the end.

While being roomy enough for four adults to sit comfortably, the Nissan Kicks is not as spacious as a larger SUV. This makes it the perfect cross over a vehicle for anyone looking for something different than care but smaller than a full-size SUV. The lack of all-wheel-drive and power on the open road is easily made up for by the addition of the tech-savvy infotainment touch screen. Its affordable price tag and excellent safety features make this crossover model a great option for students or a budget-friendly alternative for a small family. Overall, the Nissan Kicks is perky, colourful and most importantly safe.

The Kicks perhaps is most suitable for lovers of the Nissan brand, but if you are in the market for an inexpensive vehicle option, the Nissan Kicks will surely make your day. With lots of ruggedness added to this model, you will surely find it helpful in so many ways, especially if you travel long distances on a regular basis.