NV 1500: Full-size commercial van, powerful engine

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Nissan NV 1500 Van

The Nissan NV 1500 Van is a vehicle designed to provide comfort, functionality, and reliability all wrapped up into one. Getting your hands on this robust vehicle guarantees satisfaction.

There is plenty that has been done right when it comes to the Nissan NV 1500 Van. An unorthodox vehicle from top to bottom, looking at the van at first glance gives you the impression that it was designed as cross between an armored car and a Titan pickup. The design and appearance are in the service of ample practicality, which means the targeted market is for commercial users. It comes with a range of different options and packages, so keep reading to learn more.

A Powerful Workhorse

Nissan’s NV vans have been using V-8 power ever since their debut, a trend that continues to the new models. If you get your hands on one of these versatile and practical vehicles, expect to be the proud owner of a 4.0-litre V-8 engine that puts out 261 horsepower. As a result, the Nissan NV 1500 Van is a vehicle that offers both ample power and refinement. Work vans are far less intimidating to drive these days. The NV 1500 is certainly easier to maneuver in all forms of traffic, thanks to a snappy throttle response and smooth handling.

An Interior Dedicated To Functionality

While you would do well not to expect luxury when it comes to the NV 1500’s interior, this is where the practicality of a work vehicle really comes out. The van’s interior was designed as that of a workhorse, meaning functionality comes first. The reason why you’ll find plenty of hard surfaces and only the bare essentials inside, is that hard surfaces are more resistant to wear and are easier to clean. There are plenty of compartments, sliding storage trays and flat workspace areas on the interior as well as in the cargo bay, adding to the vehicle’s practicality level.

The Ride

The Nissan NV 1500 van uses a body-on-frame construction; something that is becoming rare in the cargo-van segment. You can expect nearly car-like maneuverability on the road, thanks to the well-engineered steering, suspension and ride quality. The van rides on a control-arm front suspension with coil springs, while the rear sits on a leaf-spring live axle with twin-tube dampers. The steering is hydraulically assisted.

Is It Worth Your Money?

In short, yes. This vehicle represents a fusion of ideologies to serve a specific function. Adapting the European high-roof profile, the NV 1500 is a Japanese take on a North American van. While it does not offer stellar value for your money, it is definitely worth the price tag as you get plenty of practicality and reliability.