NV200: Light, Commercial and Leisure Activity Van

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Nissan NV200 Van

If you are looking for a durable workhorse to fit your business needs, then look no further than the Nissan NV200 Van. With an impressive load capacity, it is small enough to thread through the city.

What is it that makes the Nissan NV200 ideal for the hardworking men and women of Canada looking to get the best value for their money? A lot of things, actually. It is surprisingly thrifty and more nimble than full-size vans while managing to offer comparable payload capacity. Add to that a responsive engine paired with a continuously variable transmission and you’ve got yourself a modern choice for modern workers in search of a reliable business partner.

Does It Have Enough Power?

While ample power is something that’s debatable for different people, one should keep in mind that the NV200 was designed as a compact workhorse. Its power comes from a 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder engine, which puts out between 135 and 140 horsepower. Combined with a front wheel drive and continuously variable 4-speed transmission, expect to get around 140 lb.-ft. of torque. Considering these factors, you should have more than enough movability to serve you well in urban conditions.

How Does It Fare In Terms Of Practicality?

Offering 4.2 cubic meters of load space, the choice of one or two sliding side doors and wide opening rear doors, loading cargo is swift and easy. The front suspension has struts, while the rear has leaf springs, similar to a pickup truck. At the back, you’ll get standard integrated mounting points for shelving units, and the option of floor-mounted hooks.

What About The Cab Features?

The NV200 comes with ample storage, as well as a cab that is comfortable to both work and travel in. Among other goodies, you’ll be able to opt for features like power heated side mirrors, power door locks with remote keyless entry, an additional 12-volt outlet in the center console and cruise control. Optional features include rear door windows, and an Exterior Appearance package that includes a navigation system, body-color side mirrors, chrome grille and door handles.

Do You Need This Car?

If your business requires a larger-sized workhorse, then you might want to pass the NV200 up. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with the cargo volume of this van, then you’re looking at a very smart investment. The NV200 offers tons of reliability, practicality and most importantly, value for money. In the class of compact cargo vans, it is definitely among the best buys.