G3: Classy Sports Car

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With the Pontiac G3, Canadian customers got a nicely equipped car that was, at the same time, decently priced for everyone. The car was based on the Chevrolet Aveo but managed to grow into a completely separate and unique four-wheeler. The car embodies Pontiac’straditional ideals of classy sports vehicles that always boast performance along with fuel economy and style. Moreover, the G3 is Pontiac’s take on building high-mileage cars that excel in daily driving and manage to attract more attention thanks to usability and practicality.

Single Engine, Different Faces

The Pontiac G3 is one of those vehicles which is a great choice for picky owners. The car does not offer much when it comes to choosing the engine trim levels as it only comes with the Ecotec 1.6-litre four-cylinder. The diversity of this car lies in its body styles. Although the G3 only came as a sedan, it is available in two variants, with one being a traditional sedan and the other being a hatchback. The hatchback version offers additional headroom for the rear passengers and more cargo room.

Wide And Confident

While the G3 borrows its silhouette from the Aveo with the exception, of course, of the nose. The nose has the trademark dual nostril combined with a shrunken version of the G8’s bumper. The design is skillfully done so that the car seems larger than it really is. Looking from behind, the lines are perfectly contoured pronouncing the prominent shoulders. The headlights are three-dimensional and extend right on to the hood. This all makes the car fashionable and exotic, gaining the most attraction from the younger audience.

Albeit this is a small car, passengers sitting inside do not get such an impression. Due to its height, this is a car that brings ample room to its interior. The G3 has the biggest shoulder space in its segment and the rear seats provide more than enough space despite their elevated position. This position enables a theatre-like view for the rear passengers ensuring great view in all directions. For the big road trips, this car offers plenty of space in the trunk. It comes with a cargo mesh that prevents the cargo from tumbling and rolling inside the trunk. The interior is also well-styled thanks to the nice metallic look of the dash and the steering wheel. You’ll also find satellite radio, a six-speaker stereo system, and an iPod AUX input on the inside as well.

Made To Be Budget-Friendly

The performance of this fantastic little vehicle is all about cutting fuel consumption. Although the 1.6-litre Ecotec is already frugal by default, Pontiac went out of its way to make some additional upgrades. First off, the clutch on the five-speed manual is very light so that the driver can press it easily, making the shifts faster, more precise and thereby reducing the fuel intake. On top of this, there is an additional light on the dash that suggests the ideal timing for shifting into the upper gear to make the car less thirsty.

For additional smoothness of the ride, Pontiac installed refined suspension which, when combined with the rack-and-pinion power steering and the Electronic Throttle Control, produce excellent drivability. In addition to the great performance and efficiency, the G3 sedan is also incredibly safe as it combines the OnStar Crash Notification System (which automatically notifies nearby emergency services about the crash) with the LATCH child attachment system to keep you and your family safe while driving. If you’re looking for a reliable, usable and frugal four-wheeler, definitely keep the Pontiac G3 in mind – your wallet will thank you for it.