G5: Comfort in economy vehicle

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The success of the Chevrolet Cobalt on the market of both sedan and coupe segments led Pontiac to step up the game and reclaim the title from their worthy competitor. They did this by renaming and enhancing their Pursuit sedan. The end result was the G5 which came in both coupe and sedan body types. The G5 ended up bringing forth many differences that made driving this vehicle far more comfortable and enjoyable.

Affordable Option For All

The Pontiac G5 is the kind of car that brings all the luxurious features at a reasonable price range. Its price does not only affect the purchase of the vehicle itself, but also the fuel economy. The G5 comes in two different trim levels: the base trim level and the GT. Albeit the GT is considered to be the sportier variant of the two, it comes with the same Ecotec engine that is magnificent at keeping fuel consumption low thanks in no small part to the smooth shifting five-speed manual and the four-speed automatic transmission. The differences between these two trims are visible in the form of the driver-aid features and cosmetic differences. The good thing about the Pontiac G5 is that people who chose the base model are not stripped of the option to have the traits of the GT trim level. They are able to hand-pick whatever feature they would like on their car, whereas the GT serves as a kind of a full package.

Enhanced In Every Way

The overall external look of the G5 is similar to that of the Chevy Cobalt. The only differences you would notice is, of course, the nose of the vehicle which lacks the Chevy badge and comes with the iconic twin-nostrils that are the symbolic trait of Pontiac. The GT trim has a rear spoiler on both body styles giving off a sporty impression. Where the G5 shines the most is on the inside where it provides high levels of comfort considering its economy-vehicle label. Space is not a problem in either of the body types while the comfort of the driver is additionally granted by the power seats, which come with a lumbar adjuster. Complete enjoyment is provided thanks to the XM Satellite radio, a 260-watt sound system with seven speakers and an OnStar communication system that provides safe and high-quality telecommunication services. When it comes to the styling is concerned, a silver interior with fabric seats ensures an enjoyable and pleasant stay, while in the GT model everything is covered in red and black leather.

On the road, the G5 is a rather crisp car, which is something that Pontiacs are slowly becoming famous for. The MacPherson strut-type front suspension combined with the semi-independent torsion beam rear suspension is what takes all the credits for the G5 being such a smooth driving vehicle. As with all Pontiac cars, the G5 is also custom tuned to possess that distinctive drive and handling characteristics. The enhanced agility while cornering is provided by the direct-act front stabilizers, which will take away any leaning sensations you might feel while driving this surprisingly nippy four-wheeler.

Prudent Investment

The cabin safety package of the G5 coupe and sedan come with standard airbags, which are installed in several positions. The side airbags and the head-curtain airbags are the traditional acting airbags, while in the front there are dual-stage variants. To prevent the need for these, the G5 is armed with traditional anti-lock systems, StabiliTrak and traction control systems. Although, what sets this car apart from most vehicles in its segment and price range is the importance of the OnStar system, which sends a signal and automatically informs the nearest emergency service should the car participate in a collision, not wasting any valuable, life-saving time. Therefore, investing in a Pontiac G5 is not just a prudent idea – it is one that could keep you safer than you ever thought possible.