G8: Sleek and Powerful Sedan

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The Pontiac G8 came at a pretty interesting period of time in GM’s history. It almost became a Chevy after GM filed for bankruptcy, but the design and architecture of the car managed to stay in Pontiac’s hands. Pontiac is known for crafting interesting and usable cruisers and SUVs, and a rear-wheel-drive sedan is something that has traditionally not been within the company’s comfort zone. Here’s everything you need to know about the G8.

Progressive Styling

The overall external design screams Pontiac. The styling is dominated by iconic features especially in the front section of the vehicle. The dual-nostril grille and the curved headlights which almost touch the fenders are the first things you notice when facing this four-wheeler. The aforementioned fenders are overarched by the exceptionally beautiful flares, which contribute to the overall stance of the car. On the hood, there are twin scoops that give it a sporty vibe. Additionally, the GT model comes with a chromed exhaust tip and rear lip spoiler.

The way that Pontiac managed to blend form and function into a world-class fit in the G8’s interior is truly remarkable. Such a fine combination of both comfort and convenience is rarely seen within the G8’s price range. The G8 is a sedan with a big body, and with a big body comes a roomy cabin. All the seats in the vehicle come with ample room around them, equally divided among legroom and headroom. The seats are well contoured and provide great lateral back support. The size of the car also contributes to the big trunk that comes in handy to people who have the need for extra space to store their belongings. The tilting and telescopic steering wheel is filled with buttons and commands that make it easy for the driver to control the features of the vehicle without removing their hands from the wheel. Some of these features are the XM satellite radio, cruise control, and the AC. The sound system is made by Blaupunkt, so music enthusiasts will have some of the best music quality while driving.

High-Quality Performance

This Pontiac sedan is a remarkably fast and strong vehicle. The reason for this are the engines, which come with the various trim levels. The V6, which is featured with the base level trim, drives exceptionally well. When starting the car and getting it out of idle, you notice that it is incredibly quick to accelerate. It is pleasant and easy to handle due to its electronic stability control, which is most prominent in the corners where it negates the leaning of the car perfectly. The GT variant does not differ a lot; it would best suit people who want the stronger V8 engine which brings with it the added benefit of the much louder noise and the decently larger fuel consumption. Although the GT uses more fuel than the base trim level, its engine automatically shuts off four cylinders whenever possible to keep the fuel usage down. The automatic transmission present on both trim levels if quick, fluent and to the point. Additionally, the GT variant comes with a six-speed manual option.

Well Secured Passengers

Due to the speeds, this powerful car is capable of achieving, it comes well equipped to keep you and all the passengers safe on the road and in case of an accident. In the lineup of safety features, the G8 comes equipped with GM’s revered directional stability control designed to keep the car nice and steady on the road, combined with traction control that is also implemented as a feature. In addition, StabiliTrak and the standard ABS will make sure that the car stays on the road with all four wheels when you need to make an unexpected stop. In the cabin, airbags are installed in every corner of the car so that the passengers are safe from injuries in case of a collision, making the Pontiac G8 a great choice for everyday drives.