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If you can catch the essence of an amateur, experienced person that has figured out life and transfer it to any vehicle, that vehicle would surely be the Pontiac Grand Prix. The Grand Prix was General Motors car that came out of the company’s need to stay afloat on the market after a rough period in the early 2000s. It is the car that has all the traits of the powerful older-generation cars in the shell of the contemporary, trendy vehicle.

Downright Powerful & Restyle

All of the trim levels of this Pontiac’s brute are absolutely powerful. Remember that this car was built for sheer performance and thrill. Two of the trims carry a V6 engine, the only difference between them being whether the GP is supercharged or not. The supercharged variant is stronger, having 60 horsepower more than the base trim. This is a great option for people who want to feel the roar of its 3.8-litre engine, which will launch your car into acceleration like a cheetah. If that is not enough to get your adrenaline going, you have nothing to worry about as Pontiac also offers 5.3-litre 303-horsepower engine as well, which will bite down on the road leaving only dust flying behind you.

The base look of the Pontiac Grand Prix is nice and subtle. The car has the typical sedan silhouette filled with the trademark Pontiac assets. The car comes in various liquid-metallic colours for everyone’s liking. This type of colouring makes it extremely stylish. The hood is slightly curved towards the nose where the iconic Pontiac grille and the squinty headlights are positioned. What really makes this car stand out is its 40-year anniversary package, which decorates the car with a rear spoiler, hood ducts, and the chrome wheels giving the car its tasteful appearance.

Performance on the Outside, Performance on the Inside

To be able to control this beast of a car, the driver needs to be fully concentrated and comfortable in his seat. The interior comes with appealing ebony and chrome design that looks perfect to anyone's eye. The centre stack and the dash are tilted towards the driver for ease of access. The centre console features standard trinkets such as the controls for the AC, music, and radio. Where the Grand Prix stands out, though, is its HUD feature.

HUD is the display which shows the speed, engine temperature, and several more information which in this car has the option of being projected on the front windshield. The projected info comes in green colour and is extremely clear and helpful when driving this demanding vehicle. Although the rear passengers do not have much space to work with, the front passenger seat can be folded over to create additional space or a table of sorts for the people in the back of the cabin.

Rumbling Down The Road

One of the most loved details of the GP is its double twin-exhaust and the sound of the engine that comes out the back. This is what makes the older generation opt for this vehicle as the car produces the iconic rumbling noise of the old-school muscle cars. Although the noise is fairly loud, it is incredibly satisfying and pleasing. To go along with the sound is the highly satisfying ride of this car as the automatic transmission works without a hitch. In both automatic and manual shifting mode, the car will shift without any lags. The car also proves exceptionally good when it comes to handling because of its “wide track” setup, which also makes it decent in the corners considering the front-wheel drive of this absolutely powerful brute. If you’re on the market for a modern take of the old times, definitely consider investing in a Pontiac Grand Prix.