Pursuit: Reliable and controllable sedan

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The Pontiac Pursuit came into the limelight at a time when one of the most successful sedans in the Pontiac lineup sales were diminishing. The company needed a substitution in order to stay afloat in a very unforgiving market and the Pursuit made that happen. It captured the interest of both new buyers and loyal Pontiac lovers. For this endeavour, the Pursuit was built on the revered Delta Global Platform. This helped the American automotive giant boost both reliability and performance of the vehicle together with implementing a bit of a European feel in the Pursuit, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Classic and Luxurious Appearance

Although the Pursuit is the direct successor to the Pontiac’s sedan lineup, it does not share many aesthetic resemblances. The Pursuit does have a European vibe to it like many of the midsize sedans. GM explained this by saying that they are more interested in making their cars timeless and classy rather than trendy, which is exactly what charms most car enthusiasts. However, they did include some of the iconic Pontiac details on its exterior, such as the trademark grille and its cat-eye-shaped headlights. What is great with the Pursuit is that it caters in many ways to both people who like sporty looking cars and people who like a classier appearance.

Unlike many of its competitors, the interior of Pontiac’s Pursuit is not boring. Many find its nickel-coloured interior rather pleasant and soothing. Everything on the dashboard is clearly labelled and easy to tell apart without being boring and simple. One such detail is the speed gauges behind the steering wheel, which make you feel as if you are driving a racing car. The centre stack is filled with buttons that control many things ranging from the music to the digital information centre. This feature helps the driver keep track of various useful information such as fuel consumption with the press of a single button. The seats come in two variants depending on the model. The base model comes with fabric seats while the SE trim comes with leather-covered ones. The seats in the cabin are nicely bolstered, giving the driver a clear view of the road in all directions.

Precision Performance

When building the Pursuit, GM ensured that the experience of driving this sedan was as enjoyable as possible. This meant that they negated most of the sound coming from both the engine and the road with a brilliant cam chain and tensioner, which took care of all high-frequency noises. Furthermore, the Delta platform kept the sedan firm and solid while giving it the agility of a coupe and responsive handling. Because of this, when driving the Pursuit you are guaranteed to be impressed by it, as it is one of the most controllable sedans out there. It thrives when turning as it has one of the best turning radiuses in the segment. The transmission can suit everyone's liking as the Pursuit comes with both traditional manual and automatic transmission options.

No Compromise On Safety

Despite the Pursuit being a really reliable and controllable sedan, Pontiac did not want to leave anything to chance. That is why it equipped the car with safety measures on top of its solid body. The Pursuit comes with standard frontal and optional side and curtain airbags to ensure safety in the cabin. On the road, the Pursuit has an anti-locking brake system and electronic brake distribution to prevent any collision. Thus it was awarded the “Best Pick” rating for frontal protection and a good rating for lateral collisions, making it not only an exciting but a smart investment at the same time.