Solstice: An exciting roadster that delivers

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Having built cars like the Aztec and Sunfire, in recent years Pontiac was not revered as a company that built cars that had both looks and performance. To everyone’s surprise in 2002, the company gave a hint of a car they were developing. That car was a perfect roadster that came in the form of the Pontiac Solstice. Despite its lack of practicality, Solstice gave us the great performance which was the main Pontiac’s goal when it was designing and building this car.

Beauty And Practicality

The main distinctive feature of the Pontiac Solstice is its shiny chrome which is present both on the inside and out of the vehicle. The shape of the body is smooth on the edges with the bumpers blending in with the rest of the body. The car is positioned low, which makes it stable. On the nose are some distinctive Pontiac features like the twin-styled grill and the headlights that are oval at the front and angled at the back. Underneath them is a set of fog lamps, giving the Solstice a rigid and strong appearance.

On the inside, right from the start, you are greeted by the stylish interior that is mostly covered with black coloured leather. The cabin is not particularly roomy, but it is cozy and comfortable with everything being within easy reach for the driver. The interior is not flashy and will not give you as many buttons to press as some other cars, but it is extremely efficient and practical for such a sporty roadster. The dashboard and the centre stack are completely covered in chromed elements, which makes a nice contrast when combined with the aforementioned black leather interior. The steering wheel features the controls for cruise control and sound-system in the vehicle, keeping both of the driver’s hands firmly on the road. The gauges resemble motorcycle speed gauges, which fit this beast perfectly.

Performance Is Its Middle Name

The Pontiac Solstice was built mainly for performance on the road. The roadster is incredibly reliable and controllable; it comes with a powerful engine, which is a force to be reckoned even when it comes to the base model. The base trim comes with a 177-horsepower engine, which is more than capable of leaving dust flying behind this car. The driving experience much more fun and exciting with the stronger, turbocharged trim. With this trim and its rear-wheel drive, car enthusiasts are guaranteed to get their hearts beating and adrenaline pumping as they get to the full potential of this convertible. The five-speed manual transmission is a work of art as it shifts fluently between every gear. The seats are also positioned low, so taller people will not get any wind in their face as they drive with the roof down on a sunny day.

Slithering With A Safe Grip

When it comes to the stability of the Pontiac Solstice, there is more than one characteristic that contributes to its grip on the road. The external design plays a huge role as the Solstice is a vehicle with a fairly wide stance. This means that the chances of losing grip on one side or a roll-over are minimal. Additionally, the independent suspension on this car makes it grip on even the most damaged patches of road, while also keeping it on all four wheels in the corners. The SLA-designed upper and lower aluminum control arms ensure that the handling is responsive. Furthermore, the four-wheel brakes are incredibly reliable and they also come with an anti-lock system, which ensures that the car does not slide during braking and keep you safe on every single high-speed adventure.