Vibe: Stands out in responsiveness

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Toyota achieved massive success with its Matrix model and in that vehicle, Pontiac saw a perfect role-model to base the new Vibe on. Both of the cars use the Corolla platform; the main difference is in the various trim levels that Pontiac offered with the Vibe. Although it aimed to gain popularity with the younger generation, its versatility and usefulness proved more than enough to intrigue the older generation as well, so here’s everything you need to know about the Pontiac Vibe.

Tweakable Base with a Non-Station Wagon Vibe

Pontiac designed the Vibe with three different engine trim levels. The first was a 1.8-litre engine with sufficiently good performance and good popularity. However, it was the 2.4-litre version that came with much more power and became the most popular of the bunch thanks to great responsiveness. Customers had the ability to choose the all-wheel drive on both trim levels, much like the manual and automatic transmissions. The main selling point of the Pontiac Vibe was the fact that you could purchase the barebone version of the car and upgrade it with the optional equipment you saw fit. One of these options was the sports GT package, which added tweaked suspension and wheel-mounted shift paddles. You could also go for equipment like the tilting and telescopic steering wheel, additional air conditioning, or XM satellite radio.

The Pontiac Vibe can be categorized into various segments judging by its looks alone. Some would see it as a compact SUV; but, despite this, it is officially classified as a wagon. Because of its size, many would call it a compact wagon as it does not resemble the traditional station wagons at all. Its rising beltline and the sloping roofline make its profile resemble a coupe more than a station wagon. The rounded fenders combined with the curves in its side give the Vibe a smooth, stylish look. The headlights are large and angled, which has become a trademark of Pontiac. The grill is another iconic addition as its twin look makes it clear it is a Pontiac from miles away. The GT trim features front fog lights together with a sporty looking rear roof spoiler.

Both Practical And Versatile

Unlike its small appearance on the outside, the Vibe is incredibly spacious inside due to its height. The cabin is huge and provides plenty of room for people inside. The dashboard is not particularly flashy, but it makes up for it with its practicality. On the centre-stack, there is an audio player which comes with both a CD player and an AUX cord that should enable you to enjoy the ride with the music of your liking. The Vibe also has huge cargo storage space; the rear seats and the front passenger seat are foldable, which enables the car to be completely stacked with cargo and luggage.

Small And Nimble

The Vibe is a car which, because of its roominess, can be considered a great long-distance car, but it is also extremely good for city rides. It is small and nimble and is able to traverse the city with ease. Both the engine and wind noise are reduced thanks to great cabin isolation and great body shape. Although it is tall, the Vibe rides almost like a sedan as the suspension gives it added stability, especially with the GT trim. The Vibe also uses the StabiliTrak electronic stability system and ABS systems to keep you nicely secured while driving. Bottom line, the Pontiac Vibe is a worthy investment any way you look at it; be it the comfort, ride quality or exterior design, you won’t go wrong if you opt for the Vibe.