911: Fantastic Sports Car, Sweet to Drive

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Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has a high ranking no matter which aspect one observes, and simply hits the mark for what a luxury car should strive to be. Keep reading to learn more about this car.

The thing about luxury sports cars is, they tend to have a lot of reputation to justify. The Porsche 911 manages to excel under such pressure remarkably as it pays homage to its glorious predecessors in a big way. A flagship luxury sports car that is the 911 comes with a handful of muscular engines and track-ready handling that’s as sharp as it is smile-provoking. Add to that a world-class interior and a fuel economy that’s surprisingly good for its class, what you’re left with is a car that’s almost too good to be true. Here’s everything you need to know.

Power Options

You’re able to choose from three different engines in the 911. The standard base model engine is a turbocharged six-cylinder that puts out anywhere between 370 and 450 horsepower depending on the specific trim level you purchase. This engine is also found throughout a number of other trims, including the Targa, 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S. The two top-tier engines are also turbocharged six-cylinders, but are high performance options that range from 500 to 607 horsepower. Insane enough to only be found in the 911 GT3 and the 911 Turbo, these engines provide the kind of face-melting acceleration you’d typically associate with a rocket rather than a car. Transmission-wise, a seven-speed manual transmission is standard in most trims with an optional seven-speed automatic (PDK). Each option providing unmatched performance.

Handling as a Particular and Traditionally Present Highlight

Enough good things cannot be said about the way the 911 handles when being pushed to its limit. It more than lives up to its reputation as a legendary driving machine that offers buttoned-down handling as well as responsive and sharp steering. It is the perfect machine to take out when you’re itching to truly relish and connect with a windy piece of asphalt. If you want to play around with the driving dynamics, make sure to opt for the available Sport Chrono package as it allows you to select different driving modes. The strong brakes provide enormous stopping power, all of which combines to provide a car that makes it an absolute pleasure to become one with curves on any road and any surface.

The Inside of a Legendary Car

While the 911 is designed to incorporate four seats, the two rear ones are probably best left folded down for extra space. This is almost standard for most Porsches and is a by-product of their thoroughbred racing DNA. The front seats are as remarkable as you’d expect, with the standard sport seats being extremely supportive and providing tons of both leg- and headroom. If you opt for the available power-adjustable seats, you’ll find they offer less support, but make it simpler to find the perfect seating position. A full leather interior awaits you the moment you open the door, with a plethora of other equally high-quality materials and overall great styling. Even small trim pieces have a great feel and look as Porsche understandably pays plenty of attention to detail.

An Astonishing Car

With things like a stylish interior, exceptional handling and supreme power, the Porsche 911 is a vehicle that has very little downside. Even the fuel economy is fair considering the class it’s in, which makes it an all-around great buy. Considering some of the competition, you might feel tempted to go elsewhere if you’re looking to invest in the ultimate driving experience. While it is true that other luxury sports cars will provide a similar level of fun, very few can compete with this Porsche’s legendary racing pedigree. If you go with the 911, you’ll be gone for good – in a good way.