Cayman: Invigorating driving dynamics

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Porsche Cayman

Thanks to spine-tingling acceleration and world-renowned handling, the Porsche Cayman stays true to its legendary heritage. Keep reading to get to know this car in more detail.

Ask any real car aficionado and they’ll tell you that the Porsche Cayman is a wildly incredible car. Thanks to such features as spine-tingling acceleration and world-renowned handling, it manages to stay true to its legendary heritage. There are a number of other qualities that help the Cayman consistently rank at the top of every car ranking, many of which will be discussed in a moment. A stylish and elegant cabin, potent turbo engines and invigorating driving dynamics, all combine to create a superb and powerful luxury sports car.

An Expertly Crafted Powerhouse

You’re able to choose between two engines in the Cayman, the first being a turbocharged four-cylinder that generates a healthy 300 horsepower. With very little turbo lag, this engine delivers power smoothly and offers a very enjoyable driving experience when coupled with the six-speed standard manual transmission.Alternatively, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is also available, though it does result in a slightly higher fuel economy. The second engine has an output of 350 horsepower and comes standard in the Cayman S. If you prefer your acceleration particularly seat-gripping, opt for this engine and add the Sport Chrono package and you’ll be going from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 4 seconds flat.

Pays Homage to Its Brand

Porsche’s unmistakable sports car handling is one of the top reasons why most people consider investing in one and that’s a good thing. The Cayman definitely does not disappoint in this regard, as it is pure fun to drive at virtually any speed while being simultaneously composed and very agile. If you’re looking to max out your Cayman with all the performance options available, make items like ceramic brakes, sport exhaust, torque vectoring and an active suspension management system your priorities.

Stylish on the Outside, Refined on the Inside

Opening the doors of the Cayman treats you to a view of partial leather upholstery that seats a driver and passenger very comfortably. The sport seats that are standard have two adjustments; if you’re set on finding the absolute perfect seating position, consider opting for upgraded seats that come with 14- or 18-way power adjustments. In addition to a dozen different upholstery options, you’re also able to choose from ventilated and heated seats. The interior styling and build quality of the Cayman is simply superb. The controls are driver-focused and functional, with the absence of nonessentials like cup holders. The styling is that of a sports car, with high class options in terms of materials such as supple leather, brushed aluminum and mahogany.

A Remarkable Feat of Engineering and Design

The absolute first association to the word “Porsche” for many car enthusiasts is the iconic 911. The Cayman, on the other hand, is its equal in more ways than one. You’re able to have the authentic Porsche experience thanks to the ambiance, interior and performance of this incredible car. There are no reasons to opt against investing in a Porsche Cayman, so consider doing so if you’re in the market for a genuine driver’s car.