Panamera: Looks good as it goes

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Porsche Panamera

It is nearly impossible to find things that are wrong with the Porsche Panamera. It is a phenomenal car by anyone’s standards and is an outstanding all around vehicle.

When looking to better understand the reason behind the fact that the Porsche Panamera is so highly praised by all, simply consider the fact that it manages to outrank nearly all other luxury cars in pretty much any type of comparison. It is universally regarded as an astonishing car in every possible way, from the jaw-dropping performance to athletic handling and good fuel economy. Add to that a spacious and beautiful cabin with plush seats, it becomes quite obvious just how incredible the Panamera really is. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Picking Your Favorite Engine is a Sweet Torment

Porsche has really pulled out all the stops in offering a number of different engine configurations in the Panamera to customers. The base version is a turbocharged V6 that generates 330 horsepower, while the higher Panamera Turbo trims come with a V8 that generates 550 horsepower. Torque ratings range from 331 lb.-ft. to 567 lb.-ft., respectively, with all the engines delivering both seat-gripping acceleration and power. There are also two plug-in hybrid trims of the Panamera, the first featuring a twin-turbo V6 combined with an electric motor that generates 462 horsepower. The second and more powerful trim level boasts a twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor that puts out a combined 680 horsepower. All engine configurations are mated to the outstanding eight-speed automatic PDK transmission.

All the Handling You’d Expect From a Porsche

The Panamera is a masterfully designed and engineered piece of automotive technology and that is most obvious when it comes to the superbly buttoned-down handling. There’s hardly any roll through the corners and the steering is exceedingly sharp. The suspension actually adjusts to road conditions to ensure you’re always riding smoothly, which translates into the ride quality being nothing short of exceptional. As muscular as the engines are and as easy it is to provoke them into flexing all that power, the strong brakes are nevertheless more than capable of quelling any unwanted drag under the hood.

No Bad Seats Inside This Car

The Panamera is a thoroughbred sports car in luxury car clothing, with seats that would put even the presidential suite at a five-star hotel to shame. Four passengers are able to seat more than comfortably inside with a ton of both leg- and headroom in either row. Both the front and back rows of seats are highly adjustable, giving you a cloud-like feel in terms of the overall comfort level. Similarly, enough good things cannot be said about the design and overall level of premium quality that the cabin exudes. Plenty of highest grade materials are found throughout with the sleek dashboard adding a note of supreme elegance to the general feel of the masterfully put together interior.

Easily Among the Finest Ever

The Porsche Panamera can be characterized as easily being one of the finest cars on the road in any class. Boasting all the interior comforts and amenities you would expect from a luxury vehicle of its standing, it also delivers a wildly outstanding performance. Considering everything previously mentioned, it makes perfect sense that the Panamera is already referred to by many as one of the highest-rated super luxury cars in the world. This is a Porsche that absolutely belongs on your shopping list if you are hunting for a vehicle synonymous with ultimate luxury and power.