RAM 1500 Classic: Incredible Towing Power

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Ram’s relentless capability with streamlined performance makes it a truck for every job, and whether you’re driving to the job site or to the lake house, this truck remains consistent in its delivery. Equipped with an exceptionally powerful engine, Dodge Ram 1500 is rated to carry every kind of load you would need with so much ease and efficiency. It has an impressive towing capability, and with it, you’re always in control. Its exclusively strong powertrain delivers an outstanding torque, and fuel efficiency to help cut down on fuel expenditure as you maximize on utility. From its interior to exterior, the Ram is packed with practical features that not only make it an exceptional performer but also ensure your drive is comfortable.
What makes Ram 1500 Classic good on the job? From an outstanding design to excellent performance, it’s made to serve its purpose. Let’s have a look at some of this truck’s amazing specs.

Classic Exterior and Interior Design

The Ram is sculptured in a rugged style and chiseled elegance, with classy curves and bold lines that altogether give it that sleek appearance. The cargo box is spacious with lit, secure, durable and drainable storage system that’s situated on the side rails of your truck bed to make your load ferrying effortless. With the available cargo box extender, you can create more space in your cargo box in case you need to carry more items. To customize your Ram 1500 Classic, a new Chrome Plus package that’s enriched with unique features is available to help you enhance your truck’s appearance.

There’s more to behold in this truck’s interior. Every feature in its inside has been designed with utmost attention to quality and detail to ensure its riders are as comfortable as possible. Both the front seats and the rear seats are well-shaped and supportive to give you maximum comfort even on a long drive. The cabin is spacious with sufficient legroom and headroom plus the materials used in its interior are of high quality, and they’ll give you that rich feel at every touch. Additionally, it highlights user-friendly high-tech features inside to make your driving effortless.

Advanced Safety Features

The Ram highlights advanced safety features that together work to protect you, your passengers and your cargo while on the road. Among these efficient safety features are the Parkview and Rear Back-Up camera which makes parking this truck much easier. To ensure the safety of your cargo, the Ram is designed with sufficient airbags and high-strength steel frame to harbor any unintended access. With its modern safety technology, a ride in Ram is safe.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that will make your load ferrying to the work site efficient and comfortable, then you should consider getting the Ram.