Saab: Rethinking the Status Quo

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Saab is a Swedish car maker that manufactured a range of reliable, safe vehicles. Let’s take a look at Saab’s history and the cars it produced.

Saab is an automotive manufacturer founded in Sweden. Their first production model was launched in 1949 and after decades of success and struggles the company was closed down in 2012. Saab served their customers worldwide and they provided a wide range of automotive vehicles as well as trucks.

Saab Models

A Brief History

Saab mobile was founded in 1945 in Sweden after World War II where the focus was put on automobiles instead of aircraft and bombers. The first model was launched in 1949 and it was called the Saab 92. This introductory model included an engine with a 750cc two-cylinder two-stroke and interestingly enough one of the very first cars that was designed for safety. The Saab engineers built a safety cage for the passengers.

In 1968, the company merged with Scania Vabis, and 10 years later another model was launched, namely the 900. This was also the best-selling model of the company at the time. In the 1980s General Motors took 50% ownership in the company, before selling it to a Dutch manufacturer in 2010. After struggling financially, Saab was finally closed down in 2012. Saab currently focuses on defense and security solutions, and have supported the Canadian armed forces for the past 25 years.

Saab is known to produce solid, reliable and safe vehicles. Some of the popular models include the 92 as well as the 99. The 92 had a great aerodynamic design, and a water-cooled, two-cylinder engine producing 25 horsepower. The engine was based on the DKW design and good reach a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour.

The Saab Sonett shared the engine of the 96s and the first version was a two-seat, open-top, lightweight model. The second generation Sonett had a 1,498 cc Ford Taunus V4 engine, while the third generation Saab was redesigned, featuring a floor-mounted shifter, emission control, and a top speed of 165 km /h.

Saab Motor Sport

The company started motorsport in 1966, entering the Trans-Am Series and the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championships. The team had successful rally championships as well, entering models such as the 99 and the 850. Saab has also discontinued their participation in motorsport.

Since Saab started, their focus was on people's safety. Saab is known for their reliable vehicles, and more recently, for their superior defense systems. It remains a name synonymous with safety and reliability, while their vehicles' reputation will always live on.