9-3: Incredibly fun and safe vehicles

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Saab is a revered Swedish company that builds both cars and airplanes. Having so much experience in both branches of engineering, its staff are able to use their knowledge acquired in building aircraft and apply it to their land-bound cousins. One such example is the Saab 9-3 project, which yielded magnificent results in both performance and sales. People in Europe showed great interest in this vehicle and it was similar in Canada as the car was built for identical climate conditions. Here is everything you need to know about this magnificent car.

Three Body-Styles For Three Uses

What makes Saab 9-3 stand out from other cars on the market? Its variance. Namely, Saab decided to make them as a 9-3 multi-segmented vehicle. This means that it comes in three body-styles which buyers can go for based on their own preferences. The first body-type is the sedan, which Saab named “Sports Sedan”. The Sports Sedan is a decent option which would suit the part of the audience that is not looking for extremes and does not have special requirements for their vehicle. It is a decent all-rounder. The second body-type is the “SportCombi,” which is the name for their wagon variant. The 9-3 wagon brings additional versatility to the car to satisfy customers with a need for increased space and cargo room. Last but not least, Saab also offers a convertible, which is perfect for people who want to feel the luxurious aspect of this vehicle to the fullest.

Beautiful Inside And Out

The exterior of the 9-3 rejuvenates the overall impression of Saab as a brand. When you first approach this vehicle, you notice that Saab did not hold back applying their knowledge, acquired through the decades of researching aerodynamics for the purposes of building airplanes. The silhouette of the car is in the tear-drop shape, which does not only make the car look attractive, but efficient as well. While the extremes of the 9-3 come in a form of a wagon and a convertible, the sedan serves as a kind of middle ground.

This vehicle has features that come in the form of new headlights, hood, and a larger grill. Despite this, it still retains its Saab vibe that is recognized throughout the roads of Europe. Moreover, the situation is pretty much the same on the interior. Although the dashboard is not flashy and does not provide the light-show experience that other cars might provide, it is incredibly classy and much easier to use than in any other competitor. The dash instruments also feature a night control which enables the driver to adjust the level of light intensity coming from the gauges and the instruments, thus reducing eye strain. The driver’s part of the cabin is also extremely adjustable. The seats, windows, and rearview mirrors are all powered, which makes it easier for any driver to quickly and safely adjust their position. The steering wheel is both tiltable and telescopic to ensure maximum comfort for the arms.

Exceptionally Stable And Protective Of The Passengers

The Saab 9-3 is an incredibly fun car to drive. The main reason for this is the strong engine even with the base trim. Additionally, if you choose the turbocharged V6, the fun-aspect of the vehicle grows exponentially. The power the engine supplies is perfectly delivered to the wheels with both the manual and automatic transmission without any gaps or a loose feeling to it.

The suspension ensures that the car’s stability is not in danger even when encountering unexpected potholes. Furthermore, the grip is decent on the front-wheel version of the car and flawless with the AWD trim. All of this, combined with the standard package of frontal, side airbags, and the system that pops up the roll bars if it senses an impending rollover, makes for an incredibly fun and, more importantly, safe car to drive.