Ion: For those who want a calm and fuel efficient car

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In a world already full of compacts, Saturn’s Ion comes as a nice refreshment. The model was built based on GM’s Delta global small car platform. Traditionally, like most Saturn models beforehand, the Ion is offered in both coupe and sedan body styles. Nonetheless, Saturn didn’t fail to come up with a surprise even on this model as it also brought the new four-door coupe body style to the Ion, grabbing decent attention from the buyers. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Unique Exterior, Simplistic Interior

Although the Ion competes in the compact segment and is built on a small car platform, the model is by no means a small vehicle. In fact, it is bigger than almost all competitors in its segment. The Ion owes plenty to the fact that it has Saturn’s traditional dent-resistant plastic body parts, which have appealed to customers even on previous Saturn models. The company also introduced unusually shaped body parts, which make this car stand out in the crowd. The hood is one of these features that has a unique shape.

Simplistic, Yet Functional Interior

The interior of Saturn’s Ion is extremely accessible due to its large side-doors and is simplistic by design. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the interior is in any way unsightly. On the contrary, it is pretty stylish and quite large because of the sheer size of the car, meaning there is plenty of legroom and headroom for every passenger. The seats are comfy coming with two variants of seat covers: clothed covers and leather covers. The dashboard and centre console are both easy to read and use. The gauges have a unique position sitting on the top of the centre console. The cargo room is also absolutely huge enabling large quantities of cargo to be stored. On top of that, Saturn did an incredibly good job of keeping the cabin of the Ion isolated from engine and road noises as much as possible.

A Wide Variety Of Options To Choose From

GM ensured that the buyers of Saturn models had plenty of options to choose from to suit their needs and preferences. The Ion comes in both a basic and the Redline trim. People who prefer a calmer, more fuel-efficient car can opt for the base model of the Ion, as its 145-horsepower engine should prove more than enough for their needs. For the people who want a bit more power on their side, GM has equipped the Ion with a supercharged version of the engine, which despite being a bit thirstier than the base model, is by no means a heavy drinker. All models come with both a traditional 5-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic, with the exception of the Ion coupe that has an additional option of the CVT automatic transmission.


Almost instantly after starting the car you can tell that the Ion is a remarkably smooth, quiet and superbly engineered car just by the sound of the engine in idle. The acceleration is solid and gets the car going fairly quickly and although all the transmission options are good on this model, the 5-speed automatic stands out. The automatic transmission simply works flawlessly; the upshifts are smooth and silent, and the downshifts are highly responsive to any form of deceleration, even in the corners. While the Ion is not the most nimble car on the road, it more than makes up for it with the handling. The steering is exceptionally sharp and responsive, which, when combined with the impressive grip and traction, makes for an extremely controllable vehicle. Overall, the Saturn Ion offers great value for money, meaning it is worth keeping in mind for future investments.