VUE: Packs power and satisfies most drivers needs

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In a market where all SUVs were becoming stale and predictable, Saturn decided to make a groundbreaking vehicle and break the mould for SUV production. This groundbreaking car was the Saturn VUE, which was made to be different from the box-shaped, big hooded SUV majority. Nonetheless, with the unique looks also came the incredible performance and utility that could seldom be found with the majority of competitors. Here’s everything you need to know about this remarkable four-wheeler.

Diverse Trim Levels

Upon taking a first peek at the VUE, it does not seem as if there is much to choose from because it only comes in two trim levels. These trims are highly diverse and remarkably versatile. For people who are looking for a more family-friendly car, the base model is the way to go, as its 143-horsepower engine is more than enough to satisfy most drivers’ needs. At the same time, if you are looking for a somewhat peppier car which can accelerate rapidly, the 250-horsepower V6 is the way to go. Both of these trim levels come with front-wheel and all-wheel drives. Front-wheel drive is the better choice if you are staying local, while the all-wheel-drive brings additional control on the highway. The transmission options are a four-speed or a six-speed automatic.

Designed to Stand Out

What sets the VUE apart from other SUVs is its appearance in the SUV segment. The Saturn VUE takes many of its features from previous Saturn’s sedans and wagons, most noticeably their headlights. VUE as a whole resembles many of Saturn’s previous iterations and some would describe it as a vertically stretched wagon. Its more apparent and almost symbolic feature is its blunt-nosed bumper which can be recognized from kilometres away. The doors are made from a dent-resistant polymer and have an incredibly stylish design, while the standard 17-inch aluminum wheels give away a sporty impression.

The cabin of Saturn’s VUE is remarkably spacious as a result of the height of the vehicle. Consequentially, there is increased room around the seats which make the ride comfortable to every passenger. The windows are tinted giving you nice protection from those strong sun rays in the summer and plenty of privacy in your own vehicle. The center console boasts a fairly good audio-player and a similarly functional and unique automatic AC system.

Responsive and Reliable

Driving the Saturn VUE proved to be more enjoyable than driving any other SUV. The car has the driving characteristics of a sedan vehicle; the acceleration is pretty much on par with some sports cars. When it comes to driving in the city, the two-wheel-drive model proved to be more practical as it was keeping the already low fuel consumption even lower. The all-wheel-drive model performed better on the highway providing more grip and traction, thus giving more control to the driver.

In Canada, the VUE model comes with the full arsenal of cabin protection. The interior is packed with airbags systems leaving hardly any spot uncovered in case of a collision. The VUE has traditional front-facing airbags combined with the curtain side airbags for the head and torsos. Rear passengers are also protected with these systems. To keep these airbags from staying inactivated and the car in one piece, Saturn has equipped the VUE with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) in addition to traction and stability control. Such thorough protection has earned the VUE the highest possible five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making the Saturn VUE the ideal SUV to invest in if you value safety and usability over moniker luxury.