FR-S: Perfect Affordable Sports Car

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Scion FR-S

The used Scion FR-S is a sports coupe with an affordable price and a fun drive. The cabin provides great support during spirited runs and offers plenty of comfort and entertainment for all passengers.

The used Scion FR-S is a fun-to-drive sports vehicle with an affordable price. It has an attractive-looking exterior with 17-inch alloy wheels. The cabin features nicely cushioned seats which are well-bolstered as well for optimal comfort. The standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine is power-packed and delivers an amazingly smooth yet sporty performance. All passengers can enjoy the way this vehicle handles twisty turns and passing on the highway. The light-build of the vehicle makes its performance seem effortless yet nimble. The seven-inch infotainment system is easy-to-use and intuitive. Read on to learn about all the impressive features this model comes with.

A Sleek-Shifting And Sporty Performer

The standard engine is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a sleek-shifting six-speed manual transmission. The powerful acceleration delivers a brisk start and a highly-entertaining ride which is why buyers really enjoy this vehicle. The suspension system makes the bumps disappear with minimal body roll. There’s plenty of thrust which is coupled by the accurate manual transmission for a smooth and fast ride. This vehicle appeals to any buyer who can appreciate the effortless handling of a sports vehicle.

An Athletic-Looking Cabin With Plenty of Support

All passengers have maximum support during spirited rides or twisty turns. The seats are built to support and give amazing comfort at the same time. The attractive-looking cabin can seat four people and offer plenty of comfort and luxurious materials throughout the interior. The armrest in the front seat is placed in the middle and slides to reveal two cup-holders. There’s a generous amount of cargo space, much more than expected from a sports vehicle. You can even increase it by folding the rear seats down. The overall look of the cabin is oriented towards a sporty and athletic vibe to complement the vehicle’s performance.

A Very Intuitive Infotainment System

The standard seven-inch infotainment system with crisp graphics is easy-to-use and intuitive. It includes Bluetooth, an eight-speaker Pioneer audio system, HD Radio, a rearview camera and a USB port. The dashboard’s knobs and controls are designed to be easily reached. The speedometer and tachometer are neatly placed above the steering wheel and can be easily read with the lights on or off. The steering wheel is comfy and has a nice grip. You will love the simple handling of the climate knobs which are placed in the centre of the dashboard.

An Affordable Sports Vehicle With Amazing Performance

The used Scion FR-S is an impressively powerful sports coupe with a high-end cabin and an attractive-looking exterior. It delivers spirited rides that will amaze those driver enthusiasts and entertain all passengers in the cabin. You don’t have to worry about body roll thanks to the refined suspension system and sporty seats with great support. The high-quality materials on the seats provide amazing comfort. Let’s not forget the impressive cargo volume and the fact that it can be further increased. Everything this vehicle comes with is going to amaze potential buyers who can appreciate the way this vehicle is built. Get a used Scion FR-S and discover all its features on your own.