iQ: City-friendly, Space-efficient car

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Scion IQ

The used Scion iQ is a unique and powerful vehicle with a modern design. The innovative space-saving ideas allow it to seat four adults or to fold the rear seats down for more cargo space.

The used Scion iQ is a fuel-saving machine with a modern interior and brisk acceleration. This subcompact vehicle is able to fit four adults thanks to the smart design and technology that allows for more space in the cabin. If you don’t need the two rear seats, they can be folded down to allow for more cargo space. The IQ runs on a powerful 1.3-litre four-cylinder which is perfect for city driving, but performs quite nicely on the highway as well. It is packed with plenty of tech inside and a modern-looking dash. Read on to find out more about this high-quality and unique subcompact vehicle.

A Four-Cylinder with CVT

The standard engine on the iQ is a 1.3-litre four-cylinder with 94 horsepower and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). This easily-maneuverable vehicle delivers good acceleration and precise steering for an enjoyable drive. The great suspension system provides a comfy ride with no body roll. Another plus for this vehicle is its small size which makes the job of parking it a piece of cake. Expect lots of fun while cruising around town with this mighty subcompact.

A Modern-Looking Cabin

The two-door iQ is able to seat four people in the cabin with the help of smart design ideas which maximize the space. The front seats are fully-manual and come with adjustments. The driver seat is folded down by grabbing one lever on the side and another to slide it forward. The passenger side seat automatically slides forward on its own. If you don’t need the rear seats, you are able to easily fold them and increase the cargo space. The material used inside the cabin is high-quality plastic and high-gloss metallic black trim for a more contemporary look. There are also some soft-touch surfaces and the seats have cloth-upholstery with an interesting-looking pattern on the lower cushion.

User-Friendly and Up-to-Date Infotainment System

The iQ comes with a standard 6.1-inch touch-screen infotainment system. Other features it includes are Bluetooth, a USB input, an auxiliary audio jack, HD Radio, a six-speaker Pioneer audio system, keyless entry and power windows and door locks. The nicely-built leather steering wheel has the audio controls mounted on the left side. There’s a large speedometer with an easily read tachometer on the left and both are placed above the steering wheel. All of the technology is user-friendly and nicely arranged on the dashboard. There’s a single LED light which is placed up top between the front seats and it makes a perfect fully-adjustable reading lamp.

A Mighty, Fuel-Saving Subcompact

The used Scion IQ is the perfect city vehicle with the space-saving technology that makes it comfy and practical at the same time. The modern styling choices on the inside suit this vehicle perfectly. You have plenty of tech features and all of them are nicely placed on the dash. The four-cylinder engine is pretty powerful and in combination with the brisk acceleration and the CVT, you get a fun and enjoyable ride. This mighty four-wheeler is full of personality and really stands out in the crowd with the modern exterior and its easy manoeuvrability. Get your own used Scion iQ and get ready to hit the road fully-equipped with all of the features this vehicle comes with.