tC: Affordable two-door hatchback coupe

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Scion tC

The Scion tC is a sporty-looking performer with a spacious cabin. The attractive interior design offers plenty of nicely arranged and reachable tech features. All of the passengers get maximum comfort.

The used Scion tC is an interesting-looking compact vehicle with a zippy engine and a spacious interior. There’s plenty of cargo space, especially when the seats are folded. You get a nicely-arranged dash with all the knobs and the display slightly tinted towards the driver’s seat. The vehicle’s attractive-looking front grille goes perfectly together with the brisk engine and a sporty performance. The nicely-weighted handling and strong brakes make it an absolute blast to drive. With a high-quality leather steering wheel you get the perfect grip and comfort for optimal enjoyment during the drive. Keep reading to discover all of the amazing features that this charming compact vehicle so proudly possesses.

A Brisk Four-Cylinder and Confident Handling

The standard engine in the tC is a 2.5-litre four-cylinder which produces 179 horsepower. There’s a smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission and brisk acceleration for the overall sporty performance. You get confident handling and brakes with great stopping power to provide plenty of fun for drivers. The nicely-tuned suspension and stiffened chassis are responsible for minimal body roll and maximum enjoyment. Both the steering wheel and the gear stick have the same leather upholstery and are amazingly comfortable and well-built for a nicer grip.

A Handsome-Looking Cabin

Just like the exterior of the tC, the interior portrays the same sporty look. There’s plenty of space for passengers with a lot of head and legroom and the rear seats recline for even more comfort. With handsome seat materials and the contrasting stitching visible on the dashboard, you get an overall attractive-looking interior. Since the driver seat is multi-adjustable, people of just about any height can make themselves comfortable by altering the seat position. You’ll love the premium feel of the leather steering wheel with a flat-bottomed design and the knob that has the matching leather upholstery. When it comes to cargo space, this vehicle offers plenty of it and you can further increase it by folding the rear seats.

All of the Tech at Hand

This two-door compact vehicle comes with a standard 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system with voice recognition. Other tech features include a USB port, Bluetooth, an eight-speaker Pioneer audio system, proximity key and push-button start. All of the tech equipment displayed on the dashboard is straightforward, nicely arranged and easy to use. It has well-lit gauges and speedometer for better visibility, and a massively praised the high-quality stereo for an entertaining ride. All of the tech in the dashboard is slightly tinted and towards the driver’s seat for better handling and a sporty look.

A Sporty-Looking Vehicle with Plenty of Power

The used Scion tC is a sporty-looking performer with plenty of space in the cabin and a lot of tech features in hand. The big and aggressive-looking grille in the front make this vehicle attractive for buyers of all ages. If you like a premium feel in the driver seat, with everything in perfect order around you, then you’ll love the tC’s design in the cabin. All passengers get maximum comfort and plenty of space with the option of reclining rear seats. You’ll get the confident feel while driving and plenty of power with brisk acceleration. This used vehicle will satisfy just about any driver, and that is why you should consider investing in one.