Subaru Ascent: Safe and Comfortable Ride

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The Subaru Ascent comes with a rewarding list of standard features that deliver an overall excellent performance. With seating for 7 or 8, the Ascent is altogether a unique SUV that stands tall among its rivals. Featuring the Subaru signature of an all-wheel drive, the Ascent is favorable to even the drivers in wet regions. Included in this SUV, are high tech driver assist features that make driving much easier and fun. With its powerful turbocharged engine, the Ascent achieves moderately high acceleration and takes to high highway speeds with much ease. To ensure you’re connected throughout the ride, the Ascent is Wi-Fi enabled with strong network signals that allow you to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for the entire road trip.

From a charming exterior to an all-inclusive interior, this SUV is just made to serve all your needs. Let’s look at what makes the Ascent stand tall among its competitors.

Exterior and Interior Design

The Ascent’s body is built with high-strength steel, that’s long-lasting and more rigid to endure even the harshest conditions. It’s bigger and taller in size making its interior more spacious than its rivals. It has a sporty sleek exterior design that will keep you in the limelight. If you want something big yet still classy, then the Ascent is a perfect fit for you.

Its interior seems to have been the focus when it came to designing this SUV. It’s packed with sophisticated features that altogether ensure your road experience is one of a kind. The Ascent seats a maximum of 8 comfortably with seats that are well-padded to ensure your weight is evenly distributed keeping you comfortable throughout the ride. Both the front seats and rear seats are roomy enough to provide sufficient legroom and headroom. Its door openings are large making your getting in and out much easier, and the doors extend below the door sills to help keep clothes cleaned if the Ascent is dirty. This SUV is fitted with driver assist features that are user-friendly to allow you to drive effortlessly.

Performance and Driving Experience

The Ascent’s turbocharged engine produces sufficient power to propel it to achieve moderately high speeds on the highway, and if you love speed this SUV won’t be a disappointment. Its four-wheel drive combined with software-controlled traction and excellent ground clearance will make your road trip fun even in the most unfavourable conditions. The high tech driver assist features make driving this SUV to feel more automated and easy-to-drive for any driver. It has a climate control feature that regulates the cabin temperatures to ensure the environment is pleasant at all times even on a hot day.

Driving this is not only comfortable but really fun. The steering feels light and natural with a much quicker response that keeps you confident while on the wheel. The Ascent has a strong grip on the road making its turning swift even on curvy roads. Its brake pedals feel effortlessly light but deliver linearly smooth braking. For a comfortable driving experience, the driver’s seat is easily adjustable to help you achieve your desired driving position. With the Subaru Ascent, you’ll long for the next drive.

Safety Features

The Subaru Ascent features high tech safety features that jointly work together to keep you safe on the roads. Some of these features are automated while others are accessible to the driver at the press of a button. Its safety features like automatic braking and blind spot monitoring, altogether ensure you avoid accidents as often as possible. This SUV is just a perfect choice especially if you have a family. It’s roomy enough to host your friends and family at maximum comfort. If you’re looking for a high performance family vehicle, then the Subaru Ascent is worth another look.