Legacy: Delivers the thrill of the ride

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Despite its immense popularity in both the SUV and crossover segments, Subaru did not want to only focus on its success stories; it knew that the only way to evolve was to get out of its comfort zone and attempt to reinvent itself. One way it wanted to do that was its two-decade-long sedan project, the Legacy. As the company was selling five Outbacks for every Legacy, it decided to re-do the Legacy sedan - a car that is one of the most affordable mid-size sedans in its class. Keep reading to learn more about the insanely practical Subaru Legacy.

Trims To Suit All Tastes

One of the strongest selling points of the Legacy is that it is capable of suiting the preferences of almost all drivers. The base version of the Legacy puts out 175 horsepower, which is perfect for people who prefer a more docile car and a peaceful, enjoyable ride that it provides. For more adventurous owners, on the other hand, Subaru provides the option of a 247-horsepower turbocharged engine with more than enough power to deliver the thrill of the ride. The Legacy comes with a CVT transmission only, due to the unpopularity of the traditional manual transmission. All trims come with all-wheel-drive, which makes the Legacy the best value-for-money car in its segment. Additionally, all engines have reduced vibration and friction systems incorporated, which reduce fuel consumption and keep owners’ wallets happier.

A Revised Look

It goes without saying that the appearance of the Subaru Legacy is sufficiently subtle and understated. The grill looks significantly tighter compared to previous iterations; the bumpers which have been revised and now appear sportier, combine with the slick headlights and the alloy wheels to complete the fresh look to the rejuvenated Legacy. The four-wheeler also comes complete with a sunroof designed to make joyrides on sunny days even more enjoyable.

Upon taking a quick glance at the Legacy’s interior, one would probably perceive it as nothing special. But once you climb inside, there is plenty to see and feel. The details that were taken into account when designing the interior of this four-wheeler are extraordinary. Subaru really went out of its way to ensure that the driver and passengers are at maximum comfort. The Legacy has easily one of the most spacious cabins in the entire mid-sized sedan class. Moreover, the seats are all extremely comfortable and come with heating in all trim levels. The heating is not only provided to the seats but also to the steering wheel to make the ride enjoyable to the driver during cold days. On top of this, the dashboard is equipped with extremely stylish gauges that are clear and easy to read, and also with a 9-inch screen to control everything from the air conditioning to the heaters in the seats. Unlike many competitors, the screen is visibly larger making the icons larger as well and easier to tap.

Cozy And Secure All The Way

The Subaru Legacy performs marvellously on the road. Its all-wheel drive ensures that the car has more than enough traction to keep the driver in control at all times. Additionally, the power is distributed symmetrically to all wheels to keep the balance nice and steady. The transmission feels incredibly smooth and pleasant. Being a heavy car, the Legacy feels rather solid and substantial, yet never sluggish. Along with the great feel of driving the Legacy, this sedan is also extremely safe and boasts high-tech accident-preventing systems. Subaru’s EyeSight system ensures that its safety systems, such as pre-collision braking and lane-departure warning, are working perfectly to keep you and the car in one piece on the road at all times. Consider investing in the practical and reliable Subaru Legacy if you require a car you can count on any day of the week.