Outback: Smoother All-Wheel Drive

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Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is an SUV that looks more like a station wagon. Surprisingly spacious, the Outback is capable of driving over a range of challenging terrains making it ideal for both city and rural surroundings. A real off-roader that will find fans among anyone who regularly travels on rough terrain, the Subaru Outback blends comfort and rugged capability.

The Subaru Outback: a Unique All-Terrain Vehicle

Despite not being as visibly large and imposing as some of the other SUVs on the road, the Outback is surprisingly spacious inside providing lots of room for both cargo and passengers. In fact, the appearance is so different than other SUVs, it could almost be mistaken for a station wagon instead. If you’re looking for an all-terrain vehicle that doesn’t have the usual bulky appearance, the Outback may just fill your wish-list.

The Outback features four doors and can carry five passengers. The all-wheel drive means that it’s sure-footed on a range of terrains and you’re just as likely to see it pulling a horse trailer on a muddy track or just zipping around the city.

There is the choice of two different engine sizes, the four-cylinder 2.5 litre or the larger 3.6 litre; both have a six-speed automatic transmission for ultimate comfort driving.

Touch of Luxury

Many SUV’s have functional interiors which are practical without being very lavish but this is where the Outback differs. There are a number of comfort features designed to add a touch of luxury for both the driver and passengers.

Top technology is used in-car to provide a cutting-edge infotainment system which can be controlled via a LCD screen. There are also voice-activated controls for safe use while the vehicle is in motion. Entertainment options include radio, CD and there’s Bluetooth capability too.

Leather-trimmed upholstery and climate control provide elegance and there are a number of driver aids such as cruise control, heated seats, and remote keyless entry.

Providing Protection on the Go

As you might hope for a vehicle that’s designed to handle all kinds of terrain, there’s an excellent selection of safety features included as standard.

These include a range of systems designed to enhance the driving capability and make it possible to cover more challenging surfaces. Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS, and Tire Specific Tire Low-Pressure Warning appear on all vehicles and assist the driver. Protection is provided by driver and passenger airbags in the front, with side curtain airbags throughout the whole vehicle.

The key fob can be used to not only gain access to the vehicle but also to control the trunk and tailgate, while the perimeter alarm and immobilizer add a layer of security for when the vehicle is parked.

A vehicle that looks like no other, the Subaru Outback is more than a hybrid between a station wagon and an SUV. With the ability to cover all terrains and comfort features in the interior, the Outback is a top pick for drivers who need their vehicles to be rugged, spacious and luxurious too.