Tribeca: Appearance that establishes great road presence

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A pioneer of the crossover category with its Forester and Outback station wagons, Subaru introduced yet another car in the category with its Tribeca. The first edition of this four-wheeler was more functional and reliable than eye-catching but was reborn as a swan. Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in a new car and you have a family in need of more room for people and cargo, the Subaru Tribeca might just fill the bill and look good while doing so. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Stylish Design

The exterior design of the Subaru Tribeca is both modernized and powerful. The grille has a chrome spread-wing design, with the Subaru star cluster logo as the centre point. It is a new, wider and taller grille integrated into the front bumper which streams into a powerful outline enhanced by the rear windows. The Tribeca also comes with an aesthetically pleasing hood design and front fenders. The design is optically widened and heightened by a deeper front valance, a raised hood line and new headlamps; with a more SUV-like appearance, it establishes great road presence. The rear windows and large side-view mirrors are fully functional and improve the side and the rear vision for the driver and increase visibility for second and third-row passengers. Such a rear style consists of the rear valance below the tailgate and wider tail lights.

The Tribeca dashboard style is different from everything else on the market, and, even though it is fashionable, it does not sacrifice ease of use as a result. All the controls you effortlessly need - for example, stereo and air-conditioning - are well within the reach. The Tribeca comes with optional leather seats which are firm, but also comfortable for long trips. In addition, five- and seven-passenger versions can be had.

The centre console is dominated by an information centre that groups the readouts for the audio system, clock, fuel economy and outside temperature. The seven-inch touch screen information center comes standard with a navigation system. The 7-passenger Tribeca features an auxiliary rear cabin air conditioner with fan speed control in the second row and it can be optionally equipped with a rear seat DVD system. The split of the backrest allows long items, like skis, to be put into the car without compromising passenger comfort.


Thanks to ample torque and as much as 245 horsepower, as well as a four-wheel independent suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars, the Tribeca is a genuine pleasure to drive. It is not expensive to own a Tribeca at all; it averages 12 litres per 100 kilometres. The steering is firm but responsive; acceleration is better and transmission has faster and smoother shifts thanks to the 5-speed automatic transmission with a re-designed control unit. The torque converter is refined and optimized gear ratio delivers a fast shifting response and smooth and powerful acceleration.

You can hear bumps while driving, but you will not feel them as the re-calibrated rear suspension with new bushings improves drive comfort. All-disc antilock brakes with electronic-brake-force-distribution are standard, and they're up to the task of stopping this two-ton crossover. The brake pedal, for its part, has a natural feel that does not ask the driver to accommodate any quirks the way some cars do.

Strong Focus on Safety

The Subaru Tribeca features standard dual-stage driver and passenger airbags, seat-mounted side impact airbags, and curtain side airbags for front and second rows. Along with these, there is a Roll Sensor system that detects a potential vehicle rollover and deploys the aforementioned side curtain airbags. It doesn’t end there: the Tribeca also incorporates Brake Assist on its traditional ABS brake system, Vehicle Dynamics Control, and four-wheel traction control. Brake Assist determines the force and the stroke on the brake pedal and increases hydraulic boost to provide enhanced emergency braking, also activating the ABS system early if needed. Simply put, the Subaru Tribeca makes sure you don’t come into harm’s way, but even if you do, it is more than capable of keeping you safe and secure.