Aerio: Popular among young families

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The Aerio was an ambitious and unique model by Suzuki. Being highly successful in Europe, the company set out to come up with a car which would bring more space and comfort to the driver without venturing into the small SUV category of vehicles. The result was the Aerio, which proved highly versatile and user-friendly. It attracted most of its popularity among young families who needed versatility and were more than satisfied with this iteration. Here’s what you need to know about the Suzuki Aerio.

Diverse Options

Suzuki’s Aerio is a highly diverse vehicle as it comes in a wide variety of versions to satisfy the needs of every customer. The standard model comes with the 155-horsepower front-wheel-drive trim and will suit your needs beautifully if you are looking for a decent and docile car with abundant space for both passengers and cargo. If you are a person who enjoys more control in unpredictable conditions, then the all-wheel-drive Aerio is the way to go. Both versions are available with automatic transmissions, but only the standard front-wheel-drive model comes with the traditional manual transmission. For families who do not find the already spacious sedan sufficient, the Aerio also comes in a wagon version which significantly increases the cargo space. The top-of-the-range SX version comes with an even stronger engine and some cosmetic alterations of the exterior.

Unique Design

Much like the diversity of the trims of this model, the Aerio also provides various choices to the customer regarding its exterior looks being able to appeal to different demographics. For example, the base model of the Aerio is a fairly tall car, which enables it to have the room to be one of the most spacious non-SUV vehicles. At the same time and despite its height, its length is surprisingly short which is great for people who feel uncomfortable driving larger vehicles. Thus, the Aerio gives off the impression of a perfect family-looking car. On the other hand, if you go for the SX, you’ll be on the receiving end of a more sporty looking car. The reason for this is the additional features that come with the SX model, such as the side skirts, rear spoilers, fender flares, fog lights, and alloy wheels.

The interior of the Aerio was built for simplicity, usefulness, and practicality. The seats are plenty comfortable and the front pair is elevated to make ample legroom for the rear passengers. Due to the height of the car, there is plenty of headroom in both the front and rear parts of the cabin, making the ride enjoyable even for tall people. The Aerio also caters to music enthusiasts as it comes with a remarkable and very high-quality audio system. Behind the steering wheel are digital gauges that are both stylish and easy to read. The capacity of the trunk is plentiful as it is, but it can also be increased by folding over the rear seats, almost doubling it in size.

Feeling On The Road

The visibility from the driver seat is terrific thanks to the bolstered front seats. This provides the driver with a good and clear vision of the road. The Aerio has MacPherson strut type suspension that makes the handling extremely good and comfortable. The understeering in the Aerio is minimal to none and the chances of body roll through the corners are insignificant. By far the best aspect of this four-wheeler road-wise is the well-weighted steering, which makes the entire body extremely responsive even in tight corners.

In its safety arsenal, the Aerio has standard airbag equipment combined with some rather interesting and ahead-of-its-time systems. The all-wheel-drive version of the car has a QuadGrip system which controls the amount of power the front and the rear sets of wheels are supplied with by the engine. This system makes sure that the car does not lose traction when the conditions on the road are not dry, preventing it from skidding and sliding. Combined with the anti-lock brake system (ABS), the Suzuki Aerio will do everything in its power to stop you from getting in trouble – not to mention keeping you safe even if you do. Consider the Aerio if you’re in the market for a responsive and reliable Japanese four-wheeler.