86: Great Balance, Fantastic Steering

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Toyota 86

If you want to enjoy the feeling of a pure performance car while being comfortable, the Toyota 86 is the car for you. Built for having fun and for carrying out daily tasks.

Fast and Easy to Handle

If you’re looking for a car that will give you a rush while being safe and comfortable, don’t bother looking any further. Toyota 86 has it all. Created especially for enthusiasts of drifting and great handling, the 86 offers a unique experience thanks to its rear wheel drive configuration and the lightweight body.

Being a sports car doesn’t limit the 86 regarding space. It actually has 4 seats and a trunk space of 195 litres, which can get even larger by folding the back seats when needed.

The 86 offers only one engine option, but you won’t need anymore or less than the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder boxer engine, which creates that perfect balance between power and handling. Offering you 205 horsepower with an excellent six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Available Packages

There are three different packages of the 86 which are the 6M, 6A and the Toyota 86 Special Edition. The features you’ll get vary from model to model. But, there are plenty of standard features which are very useful like the 8-speaker 6.1'' touchscreen audio system featuring Bluetooth® Capability and USB input,s which enable you to have an entertaining trip by all means. The backup camera integrated into the touchscreen display is one of the standard features as well, no need to worry about tight parking lots.

Depending on the model you choose you can get front heated leather seats, front fog lamps, dual-zone automatic climate control, Smart Key with Push Button Start that makes it possible to start your car effortlessly and many other features.

Unique Design and Experience

Toyota 86 has been built with the intention to offer that unique driving experience without compromising on comfort. That’s why it has that low stance, sharp lines along with the wide grille. Connecting the driver in a special way to the road like only pure performance cars can, the 86 offers power, agility and the responsiveness most cars don’t have. All the while combining a flawless wide-body design that comes in a variety of colours.

Details make the difference and Toyota has made sure to make the 86 one of the safest cars out there. Safety doesn’t mean just having multiple airbags. Front sports seats that are designed to help in preventing any whiplash in the event of a collision, in addition to the 6 airbags, make the 86 safe and sporty.

Simply put the Toyota 86 is one of the best deals you can get out there. Especially if you are a car performance enthusiast that needs the perfect match for performance and comfort!