CH-R: Resembles a sports car in more than one way

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Toyota as a company has always tried to be at the top of the market, continuously coming up with innovations and pushing the boundaries of what was considered allowed and acceptable. Things were not much different in 2018 when Toyota decided to expand its already big and successful class of crossovers. What they came up with was the new sub-class of “compact crossovers” and the model which was to introduce this pioneering addition was the Toyota C-HR. Toyota built it to suit the up-and-coming new-age audience, but the C-HR’s design does not leave anyone indifferent. Here’s everything you need to know.

Available Engine Options

With the C-HR, Toyota decided to go only with a single trim which should be perfect for the people who have trouble choosing and picking out a model of their preference. The C-HR is perfect for people who prefer smooth and peaceful cars over the muscly, roaring grunts. Its 2.0-litre 144-horsepower engine is perfect for those enjoyable drives around town or care-free cruises on the highway. The C-HR has a CVT automatic transmission, making it extremely easy to use and drive. The variety of this four-wheeler is mostly seen in its base and premium packages offered by Toyota. The Premium Package will not alter the performance in any way and the upgrades it brings are cosmetic and quality-of-life changes.

Flashy Design

Although the C-HR is technically a CUV and not an SUV, it resembles a sports car in more than one way. Its characteristic silhouette is unique, appearing both sharp and slick at the same time. Being a compact, it is evidently smaller than most other CUVs you would typically see in the streets. At the same time, for a Toyota, it is extremely unique and most people might not be able to tell that it comes from the same company that came up with the Camry. The rear doors come with fashionable high handles which are highly favoured with the younger generation of buyers. Opting for the premium package also throws in a set of shiny 18-inch alloy wheels. Overall, the C-HR’s chiselled look is bound to make quite a few heads turn when it drives down the street.

The interior of the C-HR is plenty stylish and fashionable. Although there is no option of having leather seats, the seats inside the C-HR are remarkably comfortable and appealing to the eye. The seats and headline are filled with diamond-shaped patterns making the car worthy of a fashion runway appearance. Moreover, looks are not the only thing that makes the interior of this car appealing. The comfort of sitting in one of these is exceptional. The seats, which come with dual zone heating even with the base package, are incredibly soft and comfortable with plenty of head, leg and shoulder room around them. Gadgets on the steering wheel enable the driver to use the interface of the centre console and its 7-inch screen without the need to remove their hands.

Smooth, Economical Driving and Safety

To describe the feeling of driving the Toyota C-HR as merely enjoyable is an understatement. First of all, the engine noise reaching the cabin is minimal. Fuel economy is another positive aspect, which helps alleviate stress on your budget. Additionally, the ride is as smooth as the noise muffled by the cabin. The reason for this is the incredibly stabilized suspension which makes driving the C-HR smooth even off the beaten paths. At the same time, the suspension also ensures tight steering and extremely good grip in the corners. To top it all off, adaptive cruise control makes for some incredibly comfortable long drives. And the cherry on top – it’s a Toyota, meaning the C-HR is an extremely safe vehicle. Overall, if you’re thinking about adding new flavour to your everyday drive in an unconventional and futuristic way, definitely keep the Toyota C-HR in mind.