Matrix: Sporty Styled Tall yet Compact Wagon

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Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix is a compact crossover made for enthusiasts of performance and compact cars. At the same time, offering a sporty driving experience and maximum comfort while having a very competitive price.

Compact and Fun

Toyota Matrix is the definition of a fun compact car. Spacious enough to carry out daily errands such as grocery shopping and carrying normal size items from point A to point B, and even larger items when needed thanks to the foldable rear seats that make for much more storage capacity. Yet again the Matrix surprises with its sporty feel thanks to the aerodynamic body, powerful engine and great handling, even though it matches the city car description quite perfectly.

Matrix is unique because it gathers a lot of elements such as sporty performance, comfort and versatility which most cars are not able to do. This special crossover comes with two engine options which are the 1.8Litre and the 2.4Litre engine that produces an impressive 158 horsepower while having a very lightweight body.

You can choose between the automatic 4-speed transmission and the 5-speed manual transmission, depending what you prefer more. Also, you can get the Toyota Matrix with All Wheel Drive in addition to the front wheel drive models.

Comfort at It's Best

The Matrix can fit up to 5 people, offering maximum comfort since it features a spacious interior that delivers plenty of leg and headroom even for tall people. The Toyota designers also gave added attention to the front and rear seats, making sure the car is as cozy as it can get, even on long trips.

The Toyota Matrix offers plenty of entertainment with the help of 6.1”Touchscreen Audio which features 6 speakers, auxiliary jack and Bluetooth capability, creating the best travelling experience with the Matrix.

Other useful features of Matrix are cruise control, remote keyless entry and air conditioning, all of which make you enjoy this sporty crossover each time you drive it.

Performance and Safety

Toyota Matrix is known for being a performance minded car thanks to the powerful engine it has, but also because of the suspension along with the Electric Power Steering which makes the car responsive and agile when going around corners.

Standard safety features of the Matrix include the latest Star Safety System, which features the latest technology such as VSC, TRAC, Anti-lock Brake System, EBD. Also included as standard are 6 airbags that cover every possible angle in order to prevent any harm to the driver and the passengers in case of an accident.

Toyotas tried and true method of crafting beautiful yet practical cars is on full display in the Matrix.