Prius Prime: Pleasant EV mode, interior quality

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Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime is one of the first plug-in hybrids. It offers more range than the traditional hybrids and makes for a better overall performance while offering state of the art interior and exterior.

Next Generation Hybrid

Toyota has been the pioneer of hybrids since they entered the market and it’s continuing the trend with the plug-in hybrid hatchback that goes by the name of Prius Prime. This plug-in hatchback is complete in every way possible, design-wise, and as for performance, it provides an excellent driving experience. The Prius Prime also offers the best fuel efficiency among hybrids.

The most outstanding feature of the Toyota Prius Prime is the fuel efficiency and the ability to commute to short distance destinations without needing to use any gasoline at all. While using the electric motor only, Prius Prime can go up to 135 km/h, travelling 35 km before it runs out of battery. This hybrid plug-in hatchback is the first one of his kind to have achieved this level of fuel efficiency.

The innovative application of technology doesn’t stop here since Toyota engineers have been able to significantly increase the distance Prius Prime can cover a total of 965 km. Almost 300 km more than its closest competitor Volt, that can only cover a distance of 676 km.

Charging is effortless with the Prime, even at home it can be charged from regular power outlets and you can schedule it to charge during the late hours when the electricity fees are considerably cheaper than during day hours, it takes less than 6 hours to a full charge.

Innovative in Every Way

Prius Prime’s exterior is as innovative as the technology that it is made of, featuring aerodynamic curves in every part of its body. Starting from the active front grille shutter that shuts at high speeds to side body fins and the dual–wave rear glass hatch that flows into the rear carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer spoiler for enhanced efficiency. All that combined with the nicely shaped LED lights makes the Prime stand out wherever it goes.

Toyota Prius Prime just keeps getting better and better as you discover more of it. The interior is inviting and as comfy as it can get, offering you the best driving experience possible whether you’re driving or just enjoying the roads on the passenger seat. Prius Prime offers the latest technology features to choose from such as the stunning 11.6” multimedia display from where you can control everything that happens with the Prius. As usual from Toyota, this amazing hybrid hatchback comes with standard heated front seats and if you fancy extra warmth you can grab the heated steering wheel as well among many other amenities you can opt for. The choices are endless.

There is more though to the Toyota Prius Prime. According to everyone that has driven this breathtaking in plug hybrid hatchback, the driving experience is simply amazing with the car having a sporty handling even when it gets challenged with very demanding situations.

Star Safety System

Prius Prime offers the latest safety features as well thanks to the Star Safety System which includes a vast variety of safety systems such as Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert and much more. Thanks to which Prius has won the award of Top Safety Pick from IIHS.

If you’re looking for a hybrid don’t settle for average, settle for the best; Toyota Prius Prime!