Prius V: Blending usefulness of a Wagon and Fuel Economy of a Hybrid

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Toyota Prius V

Toyota Prius V is a mid-size hybrid crossover made for being versatile, which is what the V stands for. It is spacious, comfortable and offers a great driving experience, available for a very competitive price.

The V Tells It All

Toyota Prius V was made with the intention of being versatile, which means offering everything the driver and passengers need. From the great driving experience to the spacious comfortable interior, the Prius V has it all.

You can get the Prius V in three packages, depending on the package you choose, you get a variety of features. Standard features include some really useful amenities like 6.1” Touchscreen Display Audio system with Bluetooth capability which means no headaches from cables anymore, you just simply play all the favourite music on your smartphone. The list of standard features continues with the Backup Camera, offering you peace of mind when parking in tight spaces. Also, Steering Wheel Audio Controls comes as a standard feature.

You can opt for more features with the Luxury and Technology Package that offer remarkable upgrades such as front heated seats, integrated garage door opener, premium navigation and a resin panoramic sunroof. All these features combined will make that comfy interior get even more enjoyable, no matter the weather.

Hybrid Crossover

If you’re looking for a hybrid that can do everything then you can’t miss out on the Toyota Prius V, since it is the ultimate choice for great driving experience, fuel efficiency, safety and a very comfortable interior environment. It’s handy for taking care of errands or transporting larger items if you need to, thanks to the big cargo space and the rear seats that can be folded down flat which makes for a greater cargo capacity.

It sure doesn’t make a lot of noise but the same can’t be said for its looks. The fresh exterior design with the aggressive grille and aerodynamic body will always make you stand out when on the road. It also has the power to match its looks.

Thanks to the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, this great looking hybrid crossover outputs 136 horsepower while being more fuel efficient than its competitors. Depending if you’re driving in the city or highway, the Toyota Prius V offers different driving modes to match your needs. You can opt for ECO which optimizes the overall performance getting you that outstanding fuel efficiency. The EV uses only the electric motor when you’re driving through the city, and Power gets you going as soon as you step on the gas pedal.

Advanced Safety technology

The Prius V is one of the safest cars on the road featuring the Toyota Safety Sense system. Which includes the latest safety technology such as Vehicle Approach Notice to warn pedestrians - since at low speeds the Prius V practically makes no sound at all. Systems that prevent a frontal collision, warn the driver when departing lane and many advanced safety features incorporated to keep everyone safe.

The Toyota Prius V is indeed versatile if you’re looking for a fun car with plenty of room to go places with friends, that’s the car you need. And if you’re looking for a car to go visit different places with your family and use it for everyday tasks, the Toyota Prius V is the car you want to get!