Sienna: Roomy, comfortable, High-Quality Transport

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Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is the perfect minivan for families and friends that travel together in large numbers. This roomy minivan provides maximum comfort and a great driving experience with the best price in the market. Here are more reasons why this vehicle must not be overlooked.

Space, Fun, and Comfort

Minivans generally are made with the intent of having plenty of space and offering a comfortable environment for its passengers which, in most cases, are young families. However, the Toyota Sienna goes way further than just providing the basics by offering state of the art exterior and interior combined with great performance.

Sienna offers flexible seating for 7 or 8 passengers with middle row captain’s chairs found on all 7-seaters while lounge seats are found on the 8-seaters model. The third row of seats is completely foldable in a push of a button whenever you need it to fold down.

Another great feature of Sienna is the large panoramic roof which provides that magnificent view for the passengers while making the already luxurious interior feel even more graceful.

Toyota Sienna is not the typical minivan having the 3.5 Litre V6 engine with the 8-speed automatic transmission which makes for no less than 296 horsepower providing that optimal performance whether you’re driving through city streets or on the highway.

Exceptional Interior

Toyota Sienna is all about practicality while offering maximum comfort with one of its practical features being Dual Power Sliding Doors that make it easy for passengers to get in and out, also the Rear Door is powered and equipped with Jam Protection as well.

Entertaining is definitely one of the most impressive features of this great all-around minivan being equipped with the latest Entune 3.0 which keeps you connected to the content that matters to you be it sports, stocks and anything else you might prefer along with weather and traffic information.

Sienna doesn’t discriminate the passengers in the rear at all by offering a stunning dual view rear seat Blue-Ray System with a 16.4” screen which makes for a great home theatre experience on the go.

Toyota Sienna also offers Voice-Activated Navigation so you can easily find the closest routes to your destinations without having to get distracted from driving. Another great feature of Sienna is the Backup Camera and the Monitoring System which provides visibility all around the car enabling you to park the car even in the tightest spaces.

All-Wheel Drive

What sets Toyota Sienna apart from its competitors is that it is the only minivan with All-Wheel Drive. It makes for a great driving performance and experience giving you that grip on the road which no other minivan can do. It is arguably the sportiest minivan you have ever driven without compromising on any of the key features a minivan must have as space and comfort which Sienna excels at.

Safety is always a priority

In addition to the 8 airbags to prevent harm to the driver and passengers, Sienna also features the latest Toyota Safety Sense system which has received many awards thanks to its outstanding safety systems such as Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control that prevents any side skids along Blind Spot Monitoring and many other safety systems.

If you’re looking for a minivan that offers the best there is including performance and driving experience-wise, there is no better choice than Toyota Sienna!