Tacoma: Tight Interior, Fuel-economic

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Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a truck that has a number of stylish features on the exterior and with a high clearance, it’s perfect for off-roading too. A flatbed rear and powerful engine mean it’s just as useful for carrying cargo, making it an extremely versatile choice.

Toyota Tacoma: the Truck that Looks as Good as it Performs

If you want a small truck which has plenty of versatility and more than just basic functionality, take a look at the Toyota Tacoma. Surprisingly stylish, with plenty of practical uses, it’s the ultimate choice for carrying cargo plus a bit of off-roading too. The design of the front bumper and the high road clearance mean that the performance off road is superior to many other small trucks in its class. This gives drivers the option to tackle adventurous terrains with their Tacoma as well as picking up supplies from the local DIY store too. There’s a number of different trims available which allow the vehicle to be geared towards off-roading rather than hauling cargo, so you’ll have the choice of picking a truck which best suits your needs. The V6, six-speed automatic engine is designed to squeeze out the maximum fuel economy which means it’s not the fastest on the road but it’s powerful and durable. If performance is a priority you can opt for the six gear manual transmission instead which delivers far more speed on the road.

Choose your Trim Level

The entry-level trim doesn’t carry a huge number of luxury features but as you climb up through the different models, more extras can be found. However, even the basic model has a sliding rear window, a moveable cleat tie-down system in the back and a backup camera in the tailgate release handle. A GoPro camera mount in the top part of the windshield also comes as standard and there’s Bluetooth capability with the entertainment system too. Additional features make the cabin more luxurious and driving easier, such as cruise control, satellite radio, heated seats, automatic climate control and LED fog lights. The exterior has a range of stylish elements which make this look far more than just a regular truck. Flashes of chrome, a grille, and alloy wheels combine with a number of upgraded features such as fender flares, all-terrain tires and taillight bezels.

Safety during Adventures

The Tacoma is specially built for its off-road ability and there’s a number of safety features which help to make sure it stays the right way up, even on challenging surfaces. A traction management system combines with the tires and suspension to provide a smooth ride, offering a number of different modes. The system selects this automatically, switching to the most appropriate mode depending on the terrain. There are also a range of further features such as ABS, collision prevention including pedestrian detection, cruise control, Smart Stop technology, and airbags. The Toyota Tacoma is a practical choice if you need a small truck that can pack in some serious cargo but has the off-road ability too. Style hasn’t been sacrificed either so you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your truck looks great whether it’s on the streets on tackling the more challenging terrain.