Volkswagen: Then, Now, Always

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Established in 1937, Volkswagen began its life as a state-run automobile manufacturer. Before the mass production of their first vehicle, cars were a very expensive luxury available only to a wealthy few. Many influential car designers at the time believed the future of automobiles was in smaller cars designed for families.

Thus the founders of the company chose a name representing this belief, Volkswagen translates to “Peoples car.” As the brand’s name suggests, the main goal of the company was to deliver affordable cars to working class people. The same philosophy sustained the company throughout the decades, and ever since their inception, VW cars have remained a reliable and valuable choice for the ordinary consumer.

Volkswagen Models

Designed For People

Although the company wanted their first car to be affordable, the design was also a very important part of the whole concept. Ferdinand Porsche already established himself as one of the very best pre-war engineers and VW decided that he would be in charge of the design and production. The iconic Volkswagen Type 1 came with an air-cooled, flat-four rear-mounted engine. It went through a series of tests before the company decided to introduce their newest product to the market. Parts were meant to be cheap and easily changed, so the vehicle was not only affordable to buy but easy and simple to maintain as well.

International Behemoth

After WW2 the company was reconstructed and the iconic Beetle swept through markets across the world. Everyone wanted to own an affordable, extremely reliable and easily maintainable car. Sales soared, allowing the company to venture into other parts of the automobile industry. Volkswagen also produced the iconic van of the ’50s, the famous “Type 2”, which gained a huge fan-base and remains a desired collectible to this day. Two decades later, Volkswagen went back to their original and affordable design, manufacturing their crown-jewel Golf series. The Golf redefined the market for mid-price sedans and also took a crucial role in the success that followed. Since then, Volkswagen managed to bring other iconic names in the automobile industry under their brand. Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Bentley, and brands like SEAT and Skoda are all part of the Volkswagen Group today.

German Engineering

Volkswagen always aimed to redefine the market for passenger cars, which is why ordinary customers were always in the main focus of the company. Whether the company was producing affordable sedans like the Jetta, the sporty and fast-paced Golf or the perfectly equipped SUV that is the Touareg, quality was delivered across the board. Classical design and comfortable, user-friendly interiors were further bolstered by the sturdy and functional German engineering. Volkswagen models are known for their legendary durability and longevity.

Strong Presence In Canada

Volkswagen always aimed to establish a strong foothold in Canada. In 2017, the company announced that their plan is to boost market share by 40%. Ambitious, many would say, but Volkswagen kept proving time and time again that no goals should be considered out of reach for them. Since the brand also opened its new assembly line in Tennessee, transport and import costs from Europe were eliminated, meaning that Canadian and American consumers would be paying less for the same quality.

Das Auto

Simply put, Volkswagen was the company that made cars accessible to the average consumer. This noble idea sustained the company from the very beginning and made it into the international giant of the automobile industry that it is today. Although every new model had additional features and perks, the company always managed to deliver the same level of high-quality and refined engineering to their customers. If you have a need for a reliable, reasonably priced and comfortable car, take a closer look into the unique selection Volkswagen has to offer and you will not be disappointed.