Volkswagen Arteon: Available in 5 trim options

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Talk about an upscale exterior and an artfully designed interior, the Arteon has it all. Its sportier look and high tech features enrich its interior and justify why it’s called a premium Sedan. Each of the technical features abounding in this sedan brings an equal amount of both innovation and style to give it a classy appearance. Its spacious cabin goes a long way to ensure its riders are as comfortable as possible throughout the journey. The Volkswagen Arteon hosts a powerful turbocharged engine alongside an 8-speed automatic transmission that altogether ensures you will achieve quick acceleration on the highway. To provide confidence while you’re at the wheel, the Arteon is also fitted with advanced driver assistance features.

What makes the Volkswagen Arteon stand tall? From sleek design to an exclusive performance, the Arteon remains a favourite to most car buyers who are seeking that luxurious drive. Let’s see what makes it exceptional.

The Volkswagen Arteon Exterior and Interior Design

With its roofline sloping downward and merging seamlessly with the back, the Arteon’s exterior design conveys style and performance. It’s fitted with LED headlights and taillights that will keep your drive illuminated as well as, highlight your sense of style. To add a bold and sleek look to this sedan, it’s suited with alloy wheels. Something else to notice on the exterior is the hands-free easy access trunk which opens with just a kick under the rear bumper.

There’s even more to see inside as well. It’s spacious and pretty organized to ensure your ride is as comfortable as possible. The cabin is made of high-quality materials that feel soft at every touch. Its front seats are supportive and ventilated plus to help achieve your preferred driving position, it has sufficient adjustability in the steering column and driver’s seat. For effortless driving, this sedan features a comprehensive set of driver assists like Lane Assist and Park Assist that help to provide an extra safe arrival.

The Volkswagen Arteon Performance

Arteon’s all-wheel drive makes sure power is distributed between the front wheels and the rear wheels to help optimize traction and stability. At higher speeds, its variable-ratio steering system provides quicker responses to driver input ensuring you’re confident enough while on the wheel. Its brakes offer an excellent grip to the road which makes stopping and turning much easier. With the turbo engine, you’ll not be disappointed when it comes to speed, as the engine is powerful enough to make the Arteon achieve highway speeds quickly.

The Volkswagen Arteon Driving Experience

Arteon’s driving experience is one of a kind with the driver assist features in place. Its steering is greatly weighted imparting that pleasant sporty feel. The all-wheel-drive system makes driving around curves much easier and comfortable. With Arteon, you’ll feel more planted and stable even at high speeds. Its brakes feel strong and natural, and even under hard braking, the Arteon will still retain its stability.

The Volkswagen Arteon Safety Features

The Arteon is packed with high-tech safety features that collectively work together to provide you with maximum safety while on the road. One of these outstanding security features is the parking system assistant which can determine whether the parking spot is big enough to fit your car. With this, you only need to operate the accelerator and the brakes, as it will help you in steering the vehicle until it’s well parked. Other features such as adaptive cruise control will help keep the car at a safe distance from other road users.

These are just some of the amazing features that Volkswagen has included in the Arteon. One thing for sure is once you get behind the wheel you will have an unforgettable ride.