EOS: Sporty and Luxurious Convertible

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Volkswagen Eos

For those who are on the market for a car that offers both top-down motoring when the mood or weather permit and hardtop comfort and isolation the rest of the time, the Volkswagen Eos is ideal.

The Volkswagen Eos was first introduced in 2007 as a replacement for the Golf Cabriolet. Whether you seek hardtop comfort and isolation or top-down motoring when you’re feeling up for it, the Eos allows you to switch between the two effortlessly and is an all-season car equally comfortable in summer and in winter. It was discontinued midway through 2015 due to mediocre sales, but that doesn’t change the fact that a used Eos still offers pretty impressive value.

A Reliable Cruiser Ideal for Summer Fun

More geared towards cruising down the highway than cutting through corners and accelerating vigorously, the Eos still comes with adequate power for its overall size and weight. Among several different models found on the market, expect to see a uniformed combination of engine and transmission. The Eos is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine coupled with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic that delivers 200 horsepower through the front wheels. Cars without a fixed roof usually mean more body roll and shake; this is not the case with the Eos as it has a remarkably well-balanced chassis in addition to offering a refined and smooth ride. It’s very comfortable to drive with the top down and there’s barely any wind entering the cabin at higher speeds as a result of a diffuser located at the edge of the windshield. An optional deflector can be mounted behind the second-row seats.

Plenty Comfortable Across All Trim Levels

The base trim features leatherette upholstery and the Eos was intended to seat four comfortably. A leather interior is optional and the front seats are both plenty supportive, comfortable and offer generous legroom. The rear seats are exactly what you would expect from a convertible, meaning they are slightly on the smaller side. They are still usable, though taller passengers will likely want to sit up front. A particularly interesting and useful feature incorporated in the Eos is the power “easy entry” function, which slides the front seats forward for better access to the rear seats. This is ideal since the Eos only has two doors.

Stocked with Everything You Need

Depending on the production year of the Eos, it comes with varying levels of standard equipment. A 2015 Eos, for example, includes Bluetooth, dual-zone automatic climate control, 5-inch touch-screen navigation system, and a power-retractable hardtop with a built-in panoramic glass sunroof. Some might consider the Eos’ standard navigation system as being too small, but it is very usable and responsive. The same applies to the easy-to-use dashboard controls. With the top up, the Eos has adequate cargo space and even includes a standard lockable centre pass-through for narrow and long items.

Chances are nitpickers will argue that plenty is wrong and could have been done better with the Volkswagen Eos. In reality, it is a very reliable, well-equipped, confidence-inspiring and sufficiently powered hardtop convertible that simply gets the job done whenever and wherever you need it to. It’s not bad on the eyes, either, which makes it a pretty reasonable buy if you’re looking to add usability and practicality to your life without having to shell out for the price of a brand new car.