Golf GTI: Agile Handling and Hatchback Practicality

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Volkswagen Golf GTI

Simply put, the Volkswagen GTI is one of the best compact cars on the market thanks to appealing technology features and a legendary spirited performance.

The compact car segment of the Canadian market is a fiercely competitive one; despite the cut-throat mentality of it, the Volkswagen Golf GTI still manages to be by far one of the best vehicles within it. On one hand, the GTI’s driving characteristics are legendary and deserve universal praise. On the other, it also boasts good safety scores, excellent technology and a surprisingly spacious cabin, making its practical side equally obvious. The cherry on top is the fact that the GTI also boasts a warranty that is twice as long as cars from previous model years, so keep reading to learn more about this astonishing car.

Pays Homage To Its Iconic Predecessors

Across different trim levels, the GTI lineup comes equipped with a ready-to-play turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates an impressive 220 horsepower. In addition to delivering brisk off-the-line acceleration, the GTI’s engine howls as great as it feels. Transmission options include either a standard six-speed manual or an optional six-speed dual-clutch automatic, although you really can’t make a bad decision here. Handling-wise, you’ll find few (if any) compact cars that are as tuned for performance and athletic as the GTI. A front-wheel drive sport hatchback at heart, it has a slightly firm suspension that’s optimal for allowing barely minimal body roll. On the other hand, the GTI never feels too harsh or stiff despite having a stiffer suspension than a regular Golf.

Practical Beyond Measure

You’re able to seat five people inside the GTI quite comfortably thanks to remarkably supportive seat cushioning. It is a suitable people-hauler despite being classified as a hatchback. Additionally, it feels and looks almost like a genuine luxury car on the inside, thanks to tons of premium materials that are soft to the touch as well as an ultra-modern and handsome styling. You’re even able to carry more stuff in the back of the GTI than you can with a sedan, thanks to its hatchback body style. Cargo space is also more than adequate, making the GTI superbly practical and sporty at the same time.

As Functional And Stocked As You Could Imagine

You’ll find a responsive and sleek 6.5-inch touch screen welcoming you upon entering the base version of the car, while all other trim levels boast an 8-inch touch screen. Among other useful infotainment features present inside the GTI are three separate smartphone integration systems: MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As a result, you are granted effortless access to many media and map apps from your phone. In addition to being very user-friendly, the interior system of the GTI feels very high-tech and goes hand in hand with the rest of the remarkable features and aspects of the legendary VW sport hatchback.

Simply One Of The Best

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of the best as far as hot hatchbacks go. Thanks to nimble handling, sharp steering and a very lively turbo engine, it boasts an exciting and fun-to-drive demeanor. On the other hand, the interior allows the driver to entertain passengers with a magnificent infotainment system while enjoying expertly-crafted, roomy and relaxing seats. If you are in the market for a sporty compact car that obliterates the competition and puts a smile on your face every morning, definitely opt for the Volkswagen Golf GTI.