Golf Alltrack: High-riding, On and Off Road Capable

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Volkswagen Golf AllTrack

For all the station wagon lovers out there who have a soft spot for pretty much wagons of all shapes and sizes, the Volkswagen Golf AllTrack is a superb choice that guarantees everything you’d want.

The Canadian car market is brimming with crossover choices whether your reason for thinking about getting one is power, luxury, prestige or simply driving fun. But, if you’d like to add tons of practicality to that list as well, the situation may not be so black and white anymore. While there are remarkably well-engineered crossovers that offer usability and practicality out there, the segment is becoming increasingly threatened by sport wagons. One such example is the Volkswagen Golf AllTrack, which many have deemed to be a superior choice to a crossover. Keep reading to find out why.

A Single Engine Choice For Simplicity

The AllTrack comes equipped with a 1.8-litre TSI engine that serves as an example of a powerhouse done right. It generates a healthy 170 horsepower and produces a total of 199 lb.-ft. of torque, which is more than enough to stick you to the back of the seat the moment you put your foot down. Given that the AllTrack is a vehicle intended to draw crossover buyers away from their instinctive choices such as CR-Vs and RAV4s, it comes as no surprise that it incorporates a brand-new 6-speed DSG transmission. As a result, acceleration resembles that of the Golf GTI rather than a big wagon. While it doesn’t really compare to the magnificent Golf R, it still packs a pretty incredible punch that serves as a reminder why the AllTrack is such a great alternative.

Why Go For The Wagon Instead Of The Crossover?

For starters, the AllTrack is much more fun to drive than most crossovers, but more on that later. Then there’s the practicality and sheer usability: the AllTrack actually has more cargo than the latest Tiguan – and that’s bigger than ever. Generally speaking, wagons have almost as much storage as their Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) counterparts thanks to their long and flat load areas. The AllTrack also boasts a lower liftover height, which results in all that space becoming incomparably more accessible. Additionally, the AllTrack’s rear underfloor storage is divided into two parts, assuming that you don’t really mind storing stuff around the subwoofer and spare tire.

Feels Like A Much Smaller And Sportier Car

…and that’s a good thing. While the AllTrack is 15 millimetres higher than a standard Sportwagen and its suspension is tuned for off-roading, a well-sorted package awaits you nonetheless. The steering is very responsive and the cabin is astonishingly well insulated. Probably the most surprising aspect of the AllTrack’s handling is the agile ride, which gives you the feeling that you’re behind the wheel of a nifty little hatch rather than a crossover. Pair that with the extremely well-mannered and zippy turbo engine that provides tons of boost across the rev range, as well as the fast-acting and quick DSG transmission and you’re looking at sheer fun when in the driver’s seat.

Pretty Much Everything You Need From A Car

The Volkswagen Golf AllTrack is a sport wagon that offers usability, practicality, fun behind the wheel, cargo and passenger space. The thing is, if you’re really looking for the absolute best all-rounder vehicle, your options up until now were limited to something like the VW Tiguan: it has AWD, room for the whole family and a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder. With the AllTrack now in the picture, the choice is not so obvious anymore. Definitely put some thought into the Volkswagen Golf AllTrack if these are the things you are looking for in a car.