Volvo: Quality, Safety and Care

Explore the Volvo's high quality cars, sedans, wagons, crossovers, and SUVs


Volvo has been around since 1915 and they are a Swedish car maker. Let’s take a look at their rich history and the brands they have available.

The Volvo Group is a Swedish car maker with its headquarters in Gothenburg. They started making cars in 1927 and the very first car was named 'Jacob'. Volvo has also contributed countless innovations to the world, including the three-point safety belt and rearward-facing child seat. Their Lambda Sond also helped reduce emissions by 90 percent. Volvo Car Group produces a premium range of cars that includes sedans, wagons, SUVs, cross-country cars, and sports wagons. Volvo's Canadian customer service center is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with multiple retailers around the country.

Volvo Models

A Brief History

Volvo was founded in 1915 and the brand was originally registered as a trademark in 1911 with the aim of using it for a new series of SKF ball bearings. In 1924, the sales manager of SKF, as well as an engineer from the Royal Institute of Technology, decided to construct a Swedish car. They intended to build cars that can withstand the country's rough terrains and temperatures.

The company began its activities in 1926, after a year's preparations, the first car rolled off the line in 1927 from their factory in Gothenburg.

The Volvo Group sold the Volvo Car Corporation in January of 1999 to the Ford Motor Company for $6.4 billion US dollars. The brand then fell under the Premier Automotive Group along with other brands such as Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Popular Volvo Models

Some of the popular passenger cars from Volvo include the popular S60 as well as the V40, which is a fun and elegant hatchback. The company also has a range of SUVs.

The Volvo XC90 is the most-awarded luxury SUV in history. It has a very luxurious interior, Pilot Assist, and a 360-degree camera. It comes with a T8 twin-engine powertrain, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and electric all-wheel drive.

The V60 wagon has a state of the art infotainment system, Cross Traffic Alert and pedestrian detection. You'll have an eight-speed automatic transmission and the choice between the Base and Dynamic versions.

Volvo is seen as a brand that manufactures safe, reliable cars. Everything they do is centered around people and their safety, which is why they are seen as the most reliable cars in the world. Volvo remains at the forefront of innovation, continually improving their line up and ensuring they deliver quality and comfort.