S60: Safe, Sensible, Comfortable Saloon

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Volvo S60

With features such as truly outstanding fuel economy and the kind of extremely comfortable front seats that are nearly impossible to beat, the Volvo S60 is a true contender in its category.

Shoppers on the hunt for a small luxury car have a myriad of choices before them, but if you value such features as above-average fuel economy, an impressive array of safety technology and comfortable front seats, place the Volvo S60 at the top of your list. It can serve a wide array of different purposes, but where this Swede truly excels is being a confident daily commuter with a more than adequate amount of upscale features. Here is everything you need to know about this outstanding piece of Scandinavian engineering.

Three Different Power Outputs for an Added Growl

Across its different trim levels, the S60 is equipped with the tried-and-tested T5 engine. This is a four-cylinder engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that works together to generate 240 horsepower. A very refined setup at its core, it can serve a number of different purposes and helps the small car move with ease. Looking for quicker takeoffs? Opt for one of the four-cylinder T6 models, which are both turbocharged and supercharged to produce 302 horsepower and sprint to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Lastly, the top-tier S60 Polestar has been tuned to generate 362 horsepower.

Subtly Polished and Courteous

At its base version, the S60 is a front-wheel-drive sedan that performs reliably. If you go higher up the trim ladder, you’ll be able to get your hands on a unit that features all-wheel-drive as standard. This is something you can add to any front-wheel drive model at an additional charge, though. Should this be your choice, you can expect such driving characteristics as good composure in the corners, precise steering, a smooth ride over most surfaces, as well as well-balanced and polished road manners overall. Plenty smooth and sufficiently lively in its base version for even the pickiest of drivers, the S60 Cross Country trim also incorporates a raised suspension in addition to all-wheel drive.

Coziness and a Premium Feel

A total of five people can sit inside the S60 comfortably, with the majority of passengers aiming for the extravagant and extremely supple front seats. Plenty of soft-touch points adorn the cabin in every way possible, while the build quality is solid from the trim to the buttons. Standard amenities on the inside include a moonroof and dual-zone automatic climate control, while available upgrades in the higher trims incorporate upgraded leather seats and real wood inlays. The trunk also provides plenty of room, with enough space for grocery bags or golf clubs.

An Amazing Car with an Appealing Price Tag

The Volvo S60 is a small luxury sedan with a smooth ride, comfortable front seats and a cabin that feels cozy and stylish. A top pick for commuters, the S60 also features a history of excellent crash test ratings and a laundry list of available advanced safety features. With a wide range of variations in terms of pricing and power, as well as elegant styling, it is an older car that still gives up-and-coming rivals an unexpected run for their money. It is an excellent choice if value for money is one of your priorities, but you would also like to invest in one of the safest cars on the market at the same time.