V50: Highly versatile, reliable and user-friendly

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Volvo is known for manufacturing safe and reliable wagons. One of these is especially important as it laid a foundation for future models of these iconic four-wheelers. That model is the Volvo V50. The V50 is a vehicle that combines all of the important aspects of a good car. It has good looks and great performance under its belt, and on top of that, it is highly versatile, reliable and user-friendly.

Configuration Range

The Volvo V50 comes in a wide variety of versions to suit the preferences of potential customers. It comes with both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, complete with automatic or manual transmissions. Although the turbocharged model has proven to be the customer favourite among the various trims, by no means is the basic model underpowered for customers who prefer a less sporty experience. This because this version of the V50 is able to pull off rapid accelerations thanks to its 168 horsepower. Additionally, V50 buyers can choose between front-wheel and all-wheel drives to suit their needs.

Trend-Setting Design

Unlike the classic boxy Volvos, the V50 model dropped the clunky look. Volvo’s engineers decided to go with a slicker look which gives the V50 a unique sporty vibe. This look ended up becoming the template and trendsetter for Volvo’s slick, non-boxy wagons. Although it is one of the older models of Volvo’s wagons, the V50’s rounded rear shoulders are still used on the new models to this day. Its sporty look is notably popular with younger families and with the younger generation in general.

With the V50, Volvo once again proved that the comfort of its customers is high up on the priority list. The cabin is huge and extremely spacious; there is plenty of room for the driver’s and passengers’ legs and the headroom is big enough for people who are over six feet tall. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of space between driver and passenger shoulders. Nonetheless, what really defines the interior of the V50 is its minimalistic design, clearly conceived to appeal to the younger generation. It comes with the Volvo trademark floaty center console which is inspired by Scandinavian furniture.

The console has a screen on top of the dashboard which is controlled by remote control. There is plenty of storage space within the cabin itself under the armrests and in the doors combined with a couple of cupholders both in the front and in the rear of the cabin. When it comes to the trunk, it is absolutely enormous. Moreover, the cargo space can double in size by folding over the rear seats, not to mention that the model also has a roof panel for even more capacity. Additionally, the trunk has a deployable net which is superb for transporting your pets.

Driving And Safety

Although the V50 is a long wagon, when driving it you do not really feel its length or weight. When taking into consideration the turbocharged engine, the V50 is able to put on quite a performance and is able to compete with much more serious sports cars. Unlike its predecessors, this car has no problem with squeaking and rattling when driving over uneven surfaces. This is the result of an exceptional independent four-wheel suspension. Moreover, this suspension also grants the V50 remarkable handling capabilities, making it quite reliable especially in corners.

The automatic version is extremely responsive and accurate, though the manual trim is more precise, giving the driver the full sporty flavour of this model. When it comes to safety, although the V50 was not rated by the Institute of Highway Safety, Volvo itself is a brand famous for the safety of its vehicles. It comes with standard equipment with the addition of the blind-spot sensor which tells you whenever there are vehicles near you which you cannot see. Overall, you just can’t go wrong when investing in a Volvo V50.