S60: Safe, Sensible, Comfortable Saloon

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Volvo V60

There’s a composed ride and handling to be found in the Volvo V60, just like a selection of powerful engines, exceptional fuel economy, and a modern interior. Keep reading to know more about this car.

Looking to get your hands on a remarkable wagon? The Volvo V60 is a pretty good choice thanks to such features as great fuel economy ratings, engines that provide good pickup, plenty of high-end materials on the inside, comfortable seats, elite crash test scores and a smooth ride. Searching for a reliable wagon to invest in suggests that you’re particularly practical and value usability more than the logo sitting on the front grille, which makes this Volvo the perfect choice for you. Here is everything you need to know about this remarkable car.

Responsive Power Lurking Under the Hood

A four-cylinder engine is in charge of powering all V60 trim levels. All engine setups provide more quick acceleration and while there is no V6 option on offer, you likely won’t notice it’s not there. Daily driving is effortless thanks to the remarkably peppy standard turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder. In addition to that, the R-Design and Polestar trim levels feature optional turbo- and supercharged four-cylinders that are particularly aggressive and confident. An automatic transmission is found throughout all V60s.

Uncharacteristically Good Handling

We say uncharacteristically because one would not expect a wagon to boast the kind of handling present in the V60. It can definitely hold its own on curvy roads and maintains ample composure no matter how sharp the turns, particularly when equipped with the optional Sport package. The car is very easy to drive on a daily basis thanks to the steering that is neither too light nor too firm. While the aforementioned Sport package does make the ride noticeably firmer, the overall ride quality is smooth even over rougher pavement.

Interior Smoothness

On the inside, the V60 boasts standard leather upholstery that can seat five passengers in ample comfort. While other standard interior features also include a power-adjustable driver seat, there are optional upgrades such as built-in child booster seats, a heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, as well as a power-adjustable passenger seat. Enough good things cannot be said about the front seats, which are the most comfortable in any new vehicle. There’s generous sculpting present in order to ensure you are both exceedingly cozy and well supported at the same time. Plenty of support is likewise found in the rear seats.

An Interesting Take on a Previously Boring Segment

The Volvo V60 is a car that represents a challenge to the traditional definition of a wagon. On one hand, there is no shortage of wagons on the market that deliver boring driving dynamics and merely adequate acceleration. On the other hand, ride quality, handling ability, fuel economy, power and safety features are just some areas in which the V60 excels. Overall, the Swedish manufacturer has a history of making fun wagons and the V60 is a perfect example of how dedicated to them the company remains. Offering an impressive combination of practicality and performance driving dynamics that flat out justifies its purchase, the Volvo V60 is regarded as the pioneer of the rebirth to the entire wagon market segment. That fact alone makes it a worthy investment in anyone’s book.