XC40: Shredding the boxy look for a sportier appeal

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The Chinese-owned Swedish automotive giant Volvo accomplished great success in both Canada and the US selling their XC90 and XC60 models which were the favourite choices of both critics and buyers alike. Nonetheless, these cars did not compete in the compact SUV category. Wanting the piece of the pie which was this fresh and growing market, Volvo decided to try and come up with a contender of their own. What they came up with was the new Volvo XC40 model which is based on their compact modular architecture platform (CPA).

Fresh Design

Volvo’s models are known to have a “boxy” appearance, but that is no longer the case with the new XC40 model. Even though it still has its Volvo touch and is a recognizable Volvo vehicle, having its distinctive front grill and Thor-hammered headlights, XC40 has no predecessor and was not based on any previous car. With its upswept beltline, rounded roofline and short front and rear overhangs, XC40 leaves an impression of a pristine urban vehicle. Apart from the aforementioned features, it also has side-windows which rise in the direction of the rear pillar, making the XC40 unique and unlike any other car. The XC40 comes in a wide variety of tints with a black roof being an additional option.

Comfortable Interior

Unlike the exterior, which was not based on any other Volvo model, the interior incorporates many features from Volvo’s successful XC90 and XC60 models. Upon entering the vehicle, the driver is greeted by Volvo’s golden standard of seats which are both stylish and comfortable. Another characteristic that nourishes Volvo’s comfort standard is the spaciousness - an aspect that is also transferred to the new XC40 model. In front of the driver lies a steering wheel which is remarkably comfortable for gripping and right behind it lies one of the two screens that dominate the dashboard. Both of the screens are broadly customizable and can be suited to everyone's liking. In addition, storage space in the XC40 is enormous. The cargo trunk is huge enabling large quantities of load to be stored.

Moreover, the interior of the car is also packed with storage spaces for any gadgets anyone could think of, ranging from phone, laptop and purse spaces to larger hidden storages under the armrests. The stereo woofer is also moved from the front doors to the firewall to make space for even more storage. In fact, there is so much storage that a buyer will probably continue to find new places to stash his/her possessions months after using the XC40.

XC40 In Action

In Canada, XC40 is available only as a gas-powered engine and is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission with an ability of four-wheel drive. Comparable to the previous Volvo models, XC40 also has four driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Dynamic and Off-road. Among these four modes, the Dynamic mode proved to give the best results. Dynamic mode makes the suspension slightly firmer enabling more precise handling without any noticeable loss of ride quality. If someone does not prefer any of the four modes, the car also has the “individual” mode option which enables the customization of the driving mode to one’s own preference. The car’s 248 horsepower engine provides good acceleration. Despite being able to reach high speeds, XC40 demonstrated exceptional cornering capabilities. Aside from the great road capabilities, XC40 shows excellent results in off-road handling due to its four-wheel drive mode.

A Safety tradition worth preserving. Being the company which nurtures the safety of its vehicles as a number one priorities, Volvo added some novelties to XC40 safety systems. Apart from the classic safety measures, XC40 comes with the Pilot-Assist which enables a semi-autonomous self-drive feature for short distances. The car also comes equipped with a blind-spot warning system and a vision system that detects, pedestrians, cyclists and even larger animals to prevent any accidents on the road. All of this makes the Volvo XC40 a perfect car for any driver.