XC70 2015.5: Light-duty, Fuel-efficient Off-road Luxury Wagon

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Volvo XC70 2015.5

The used Volvo XC70 2015.5 is a powerful wagon with innovative technology and a plush interior. Five passengers are able to enjoy the comfort inside and one of the smoothest drives in the class.

The used Volvo XC70 2015.5 offers an innovative with the brand new Drive-E technology. The fuel-efficient engine delivers a powerful performance thanks to the ECO+ functionality. The stable and precise handling makes it extremely capable over rough terrains and a joy to ride on the highway as well. No matter what type of weather, this vehicle can handle even the harshest snowstorms. The cabin is a place you want to spend your time in. The seats are comfy and supportive and all passengers can enjoy the roominess and luxury inside. This wagon is the first Volvo model with innovative engineering and the Drive-E technology. Take a look at all of its amazing features in the following text.

An Innovative Turbocharged Direct-Injection Engine

The standard engine for the XC70 2015.5 is the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injection engine which produces 240 horsepower and 258 lbs.-ft. of torque. There’s a new eight-speed “Geartronic” automatic transmission which provides smooth shifts with minimal noise. Another innovative addition is the start/stop feature which stops the engine when the vehicle stops. If you want to improve the fuel economy, you can activate the ECO+ control, and save your fuel by five percent. Thanks to the brand new technology package, you get the smoothest drive with the most satisfying handling.

Plush and Luxurious

This model’s cabin will satisfy any buyer since it provides a luxurious vibe with maximum comfort and space. The rear seats are able to fold and allow for more space in the trunk which is already pretty huge. The seats in leatherette and are sculpted to provide maximum comfort and support during twists and turns. There are plenty of soft-touch surfaces and a comfy armrest for the front seats. You will definitely enjoy the luxuriously-crafted cabin with handsome materials and eye-catching design.

A Long List of Advanced Technology

The Volvo XC70 2015.5 has a long list of tech features which will certainly provide you with plenty of entertaining rides. The safety features are plentiful and advanced. Some of these include multi-stage front-impact airbags, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, a tire-pressure monitor and Collision Warning. The appealing redesigned instrument clusters provides a clean-looking monitor with crisp graphics for better visibility. The electronic Thin Film Transistor gives you three different options for themes: Elegance, Eco, and Performance. Other tech features include Bluetooth, a USB port, and a Volvo’s Sensus seven-inch display.

A Powerful Wagon with Innovative Technology

The used Volvo XC70 2015.5 is a unique luxurious wagon with innovative technology and a smooth drive. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injection engine is the first one in Volvo vehicles. The powerful engine enables comfy rides over any type of terrain. The cabin offers maximum comfort in a luxurious cabin for five. The huge cargo volume is expandable thanks to the rear seats that can fold down. If you want a reliable vehicle with plenty of safety features, a stylish cabin, and a powerful engine, you’ve found the right vehicle. The used Volvo XC70 2015.5 makes for a perfect roadster capable of providing plenty of power over any type of terrain.