XC90: Gorgeous Mid-size SUV

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Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is a flagship model and as such boasts one of the most exceptional interiors in its class, complete with refined materials throughout and lots of space. Keep reading to know more.

Falling in love with the Volvo XC90 is easy for a wide array of reasons, most notably its ultra-modern styling. If there is one virtue that the XC90 possesses in spades, it's elegance. From the extra classy exterior styling to the impressively well-appointed interior, this SUV exudes high class. It's a luxury crossover with all the tricks you could ever hope for. More than a good-looking car, though, the XC90 drives well with precise handling and a sense of stability on the road. It has plenty of room inside and an abundance of high-tech safety features, both on the standard equipment sheet and available as options.

Plenty of Power Options

If you are looking for a basic SUV for cruising the highway or running errands, the base T5 engine should suit you just fine. The T5's turbocharged four-cylinder is fuel-efficient and polished. The T6 engine is more commanding with its off-the-line acceleration, and the better pick if your travels frequently include mountain passes or towing. This 316-horsepower engine is twin-charged, which means it has both a turbocharger and a supercharger for quick acceleration. For extra power and a bit of fuel savings, there's the T8 plug-in hybrid option. Its single electric motor and twin-charged four-cylinder have a combined output of 400 horsepower. All of the XC90's powertrains feature an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Segment-Leading Interior Comfort

Exceptional front seats are the first thing you’ll notice upon entry. As in other Volvos, the XC90's headrests don't adjust, but everything else does. Tons of thigh adjustment, great lateral support and lots of available lumbar adjustments are present in the front seats, while the second-row seats slide and recline. The XC90 is exceptionally quiet as well, as there is no wind or tire noise. Interior quality-wise, the materials, design, and workmanship are very good and even class-leading in many areas.

The Best of the Tech

By far the coolest feature of the XC90 is the advanced Sensus infotainment system. It is leaps and bounds ahead of any other system and by a very wide margin. It features a tablet-like touchscreen that dominates the centre stack. Not only are the four key touch points large and easily accessed, but there’s also a home button and it recognizes swipe, pinch and stretch gestures. Swiping the screen to the right reveals the vehicle functions while moving it to the left opens up the app page. It is very iPad-like, but with one significant advantage — it works with gloves on, which is a huge plus in Canada.

Nothing More to Add to This Remarkable SUV

Families and commuters alike will swoon over the Volvo XC90’s spacious, pampering passenger areas, along with its ample cargo room and class-leading fuel economy ratings. The XC90 is also a standout when it comes to safety, with an impressive list of safety features that come as standard, and available driver assistance features that grant semi-autonomous abilities. Overall, the Volvo XC90 is the kind of SUV you don’t buy just because it’s a Volvo; you decide to invest in it because it manages to blur the line between usability and sheer luxury, and that’s something that was impossible for the company up until recently. A revolutionary and a pioneer in its own right, the XC90 promises to start a whole new golden age for the Swedish carmaker.