Premium Luxury Car

Porsche Panamera*

Aping the Porsche 911’s trademark silhouette, the Panamera evokes the lines of a sports car while bringing rear seat passengers along for the (fast) ride, in comfort. When Porsche set out to make a large luxury sedan they, perhaps wisely, elected not to follow the so-called three-box styling formula normally used in this segment. The three-box style, one for the engine, one for the cabin, and one for the trunk is eschewed for a sweeping fastback profile with a rear hatch. While it may look different from the competition, it follows the recipe for luxury inside with lashings of leather and features galore. While luxurious, differences from the luxury norm don’t end there, its mission leans more to the performance side of things, in keeping with the Porsche name. It delivers on the promise, with most engines it leaves little to be desired in the performance department and handling is there to match. Often it pays to be unique, it helps keep values strong and win awards like this one, the Porsche crest on the front doesn’t hurt either.

*Indicates top 3 finish in 2017