Small Pick-up

Toyota Tacoma*

The Tacoma is a perennial Best Retained Value award winner, nine times now, in this segment. There is a reason for that – buyers love them. Speak to anyone who has one and they are generally gushing with pride from owning one. Try and find a used one for sale and you’ll often be left wanting. The lore is, they are indestructible, well it is still a piece of equipment and as such you can break it but, you’ll likely have to do something extreme to do so. Adding to its durability, the cargo box is composite, rather than steel so even it doesn’t suffer the usual scrapes and dents which befall pickups often something that diminishes a truck’s value. With all types of configurations and engines there a size for most small truck buyers. It is also one of very few trucks on the market to offer a fuel efficient four-cylinder. While you can’t really consider a vehicle “investment grade” but if there was a truck to pin the expression to, it might be the Tacoma.

*Indicates top 3 finish in 2017